Friday, January 29, 2016

Bump Date | 31 Weeks

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

At this point, I feel like time is flying but at the same time it is at a stand still. I am so anxious to meet our little girl but still feel like this is unreal. I imagine what it will be like the day I see her for the first time and the emotions I am bound to go through but it feels like it's only a dream. Obviously her little kicks and punches remind me its not a dream and while I'm anxious to meet her and have my body back (tossing and turning in bed is no fun), I am trying to soak up these last weeks before she is here. I know I will miss these little moments we share of her wiggling around inside of me and I know I will miss the alone time Anthony and I have been able to share without children, those moments will be harder to find.

I also noticed such a huge difference in my belly size from Week 30 to Week 31, baby girl has definitely grown. It shows in my energy level as well, I have been even more exhausted this past week and find I cannot stay on my feet too long without them pounding or my heart racing. All simple tasks are now nearly impossible and must be assessed before performing.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nursery | Crib & Bedding

If you follow me on Instagram, you know the nursery is a bit of a mess since it is hosting all of our baby shower decorations and such. Despite that, we were able to make a little progress with setting up the crib and styling it with Little Love's bedding.

I don't know about you other mommas out there but just having this set up makes it all the more real. I love passing by her room and seeing the crib, I daydream of what it will be like for her to finally be here. Anthony and I will even go in the room some evenings and just sit on the floor and chat. It also makes me excited that my vision for this room is coming together.

The quilt was a custom order from Ink and Thread Quilts. Melinda was a pleasure to work with and the quilt came out better than I could have imagined. I sent in my inspiration picture and she went straight to work sending me updates and finalizing fabric color decisions. 

Does this pillow look familiar to you?

It was apart of the original guest bedroom design and we were lucky enough that it also fits into Little Love's nursery design. The colors match perfectly with the colors in our quilt. We purchased it from Touchee FeeleeEuodia, the shop owner, was inspired by the scales of a salmon fish when she created this design and she did a wonderful job.

Originally we wanted one of those really large giraffes for Little Love's room but those are quite expensive so when we saw this giraffe on sale at Hobby lobby we picked it up immediately as our very first purchase for Little Love. 

It also has sentimental meeting since it is a TY beanie baby. As a kid my grandmother would always gift me with one for all occasions. I actually have my collection in the attic and plan to go through some of them to hand down to Little Love.

So it may not be much progress but at least we have something done. I am currently working on a DIY art project that will be displayed above the crib [UPDATE: fabric kite tutorial here] and again if you follow me on Instagram, you already got a peek as to what is is I am working on. You can also look for my #littlelovesnursery on Instagram for live updates.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Bump Date | 30 Weeks

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

Man, these past 30 weeks have flown by! I can't believe we have about 10 weeks left before we meet our babygirl!! I am super excited but I wouldn't rush this process for anything, I want Little Love to develop as much as she can especially that brain. 

I noticed breathing is becoming harder and I have been tired during the day even when I do have a good night of sleep. Falling asleep is still hard but I always struggled with falling asleep even before I was pregnant however I don't get up as much as I use to in the middle of the night so that is a nice break. It's hard to describe but I feel little knots sometimes were Little Love is probably pushing her feet or hands, it's different from a kick so maybe she is stretching? Idk, it feels weird but amazing at the same time and sometimes it can be uncomfortable especially if I am laying down but it doesn't hurt at all.

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Side Note: I got my puffer vest as a Christmas present years and years ago and I cannot find it online nor can I find a similar one for a reasonable price range therefore I didn't link anything. If I come across one that I think will match for a decent price, I will add the link or if you can find one let me know so I can link up to it!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Outfit on Repeat

Unless you want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, you are kind of stuck using a capsule wardrobe during your pregnancy (especially during the second and third trimester). So it's no guessing that a lot of your outfits will be on repeat throughout your pregnancy. 

If you get creative you can create so many different looks with one outfit by simply swapping the accessories, something I mentioned previously in my Breaking Rules post but lets look at this a bit further.

I love the simplicity of this outfit and by adding a pearl necklace and boots, it makes this outfit feel more dressy even with the comfiness (is that a word?) of tights.

By changing out the tights for jeans and adding a utility vest, this outfit becomes more of a causal everyday look. I even swapped the boots for sandals although you can barley see the sandals in this picture and I chose not to wear a necklace.

And here again, I swapped for a neutral cardigan and flats with a basic necklace. I feel this outfit could be used as a dressy option if you add the pearls in or an everyday look with a simple necklace or no necklace at all.

So although these outfits are virtually the same, I was able to get different looks by switching out my layers and accessories.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Maternity Photoshoot | Little Love

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

Last weekend, our friend Nick was able to take our maternity pictures for us. We wanted to do them in enough time to display for our babyshower at the end of this month. It rained the day before and was forecasted to rain that day as well but we were lucky enough that it did not. Also luckily, I gave myself two outfit options, one for cold weather and another for warm weather as one never knows what to expect with this bipolar Texas weather. We are so happy with how amazing these came out and that we were able to get this beautiful season in our lives captured. Be warned, this post is very photo heavy.






I am so blessed to be married to this man and that he will be the father to our children. Each passing day I fall more and more in love with him (if you can't tell). I enjoy the interaction he already has with little love and know I will fall more deeply in love seeing him fall in love with our little girl. 

Man, it is still hard to believe we were chosen to have this beautiful adventure together.
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