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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring | FREE Printables

With spring weather in our midst here in Houston and the actual season approaching us, I decided it was time to change out our photo display from our "Love" banner (get FREE printable here) to something more spring appropriate. I debated on making my own printables but this far along in pregnancy, I decided to use printables that are already made by more talented bloggers however there are so many beautiful ones I'm having a hard time choosing just four to display. Maybe a weekly rotation may be in order? Idk, but here is the roundup of my favorite spring printables so far. Links to the original sources are below each.
via Yellow Bliss Road

via The Refurbished Life
via AKA Design
via She Reads Truth

via A Sparkle of Genius
via Shades of Blue Interiors

Which ones are your favorite?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day | Love Banner Printable

As I mentioned, I have been inspired to add a few small Valentine's Day decor to our house. I decided to create a cute and simple banner for our Wood & Wire Display

I decided to add blue font to my banner since our display is in the dining room and the main color is blue. I think it helps tie into the room without looking overly cheesy as some valentine's decor can.

Maternity Photoshoot

Jute Wrapped Vase


I am offering the banner as a FREE printable for you all and would love to see how you display it in your home or where ever! I suggest printing on card stock as usual for durability and better quality.

Download here

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day | Pretzel Sticks + FREE Printable

I normally don't do anything special for my students on Valentine's Day but I felt inspired since I had left over candy melts from our baby shower that didn't get used and figured this was the best excuse to make my last class something. I decided to do dipped pretzels sticks as they looked easy enough and wouldn't require much time or effort.

All I needed for this sweet and salty snack was candy melts, pretzel rods and sprinkles (optional).

I began by following the directions on the back of the candy melts bag for melting. I put the melts in a tall thin container to make the dipping process easier. I dipped and swirled each pretzel rod and held it upside for a few seconds to have the excess drip off.

I first sprinkled a few rods straight with the sprinkle container but found too much sprinkle was coming out so I decided to hand sprinkle each rod instead but to each their own on this step.


Finally, after the dipped rods had time to dry I began my assembly process of putting a rod in a sandwich Ziploc bag and attaching a printable I created for my students. A printable I am offering to you for FREE (check the bottom of this post).

Download here

I hope you found inspiration for your students or for your child's classmates; your child could definitely help with the process and making the gift so much more meaningful. I would love to see pictures of how you decorated your pretzel rods for Valentine's Day as well if you care to share!

ps. please excuse the horrible lighting, I was working on this for my students late at night.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day | love you more Printable

I don't normally decorate our house for Valentine's day or really any holiday other than Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, this year I have been kinda feeling the Valentine's day spirit (maybe because it's our last one alone) and thought I would create a simple printable that can be displayed for the holiday and long after Valentine's day. This simple little saying is something Anthony and I say to each other everyday and thought it was the perfect personalized quote for us to display in our room. I also thought it would be nice to share with you guys for free!

The size is 4x4 and can be used to display in a frame on a shelf or nightstand or can even be used as a gift tag by hole punching on top and putting a string through. I would suggest printing on cardstock for a more sturdy high quality look.

Download here
I hope you enjoy this little printable and stay tuned for a few more Valentine's Day ideas I have coming up!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baby Shower Games + FREE Printable

This past weekend, our friends and family got together to shower our Little Love with love. We were surprised with how many people come out and felt so lucky to know so many others are just excited about our little girl as we are (I will be sharing more photos of the entire babyshower later on so be on the lookout). After we enjoyed refreshments, my sister led our guests through some fun baby shower games.

One of the first games we played was called Yummy Yummy. Guests tried to guess what type of baby food we had out either by tasting or smelling which only one person was brave enough to try tasting the food.
We also played a game where guest have to remove clothespins off a hanger one at a time using only one hand without dropping any. The highest amount taken off was 17 I believe and the smallest was 1. It was kinda funny watching everyone attempt this.

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper babyshower without the guests trying to figure out how round mommy's belly is. I think my belly was 12 squares of toilet paper round, the highest guess was 21 (I must look like a cow to that person) and the lowest guess was around 8, (maybe?).

The last game we didn't have time to play as we were already 2 hours in the shower and still needed to do cake and presents however I thought I'd share it with you and include a FREE customizable printable for you guys!

Download your FREE Who Knows Mommy & Daddy printable here.

While the games are fun to play and watch people play, I really enjoyed the time of fellowship with everyone and the cake (it was delicious!)
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