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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dream Lifestyle

As some of you may know, I have begun reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have heard so many great things about this book and how it has truly helped others get rid of the clutter in their homes and become more organized. 

Before moving into our current house, I was a very organized person. Everything had a place and there was an exact method to my cleaning process (my mom taught me well) but when you have other house guests that do not share those organizational and cleaning skills (my grandmother had her own way of doing things and Anthony caught on shortly after moving in together years ago), it becomes tiring to keep up with someone else's constant mess. It definitely has prepared me for a toddler who leaves cheerios in every nook and cranny however it also allows me to teach Sophia at an early age how to pick up after yourself and put it back once you finished playing with something (we have been doing this since she was born) especially since she is at the age of copying everything mommy is doing. 

But what happens when things do not have a place to go? I have boxes in our garage from our move from FOUR years ago that I still have no idea where to put the contents in those boxes. I also have two boxes in my coat closet, one is my craft stuff and the other is my books and photo albums. We use to have shelves at our old house but this house we do not so there they all sit. I never had a proper space for my craft items so they have remained in bags or boxes even before the move but thinking of organizing it gives me a headache and I have been avoiding it all together.

So here I am on my journey of the magic of tidying up. There are two steps: declutter and find where to put what you keep. However, you have to declutter first. Easy. But before you begin to declutter, Marie asks you to ask yourself: what type of lifestyle do you dream.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Reading List | Spring 2017

I have been wanting to put together a reading list for the year but I still am not certain of all the books I want to read so I decided to break this up by season: spring, summer and fall.

You will notice I didn't include winter because if we are being honest, Houston doesn't know what winter is at least not in the last few years, haha.

Anyways, the books on this list should get me from now until May and if I stick with my intention of reading 12 books in a year than that leaves me with reading 5 books in this season. I have already started one which is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and I am blown away by this book. Kinda kicking myself for never buying it sooner as I have wanted it for years now. I will go into more detail about this book when I do a book review as I am planning on doing when I finish each book (I still owe y'all a book review for the Baby Led Weaning book as well).

Friday, January 6, 2017

Who Does it All?

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post that talked about creating a word for yourself for the new year and as I have been pondering what my word should be, patience kept coming to mind. I didn't want that word honestly but it kept coming up each time I thought of words for myself.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life Lately

Hey guys! So I know I'm veering a little off schedule by posting on a Thursday and missing Wednesday but it's been crazy busy over here the last few weeks. Last week Sophia and I spent a few mornings attending my pre-k classes graduations and end of year parties. Our water heater broke (yay for cold baths, not), however it did get me out the house to go for a run. I was hoping I would sweat so much that the cold water would feel good, kinda worked, kinda not but thank God we have hot water again and I was finally able to shave my legs. And Anthony will be starting school again come this fall so things are gonna get more crazy around here while we try to figure out this parenting gig. But you know, life happens so quickly or at least it seems so now that we have Little Love. I mean come on how is my little baby already almost three months?!? I just can't deal right now so moving on.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Savoring this Season

Since before Anthony and I got married, we wanted children and we tried for years with countless negative pregnancy tests. Many sleepless nights of conversations wondering what our future children will be like and if we would even be able to have children. Starting a family seemed so far away with each negative test until that one turned positive. 

We really started imagining what this little person would be like, what parenthood would entail. But I never realized how hard it would be in these first few months. I knew about the frequent feeding, the loss of sleep, the endless diaper changes but I wasn't warned about the endless crying, at least it seems like it's endless. 

However, that crying means she's here. This child we dreamed of, we talked about, we planned and tried to have for years is here. Yes, she is needy and I am having to sacrifice more of myself then I ever realized but before I know it, she won't need me. 

There will be a time when she no longer needs to hear my heartbeat to calm her.

There will be a time when she no longer needs to feel me (and smell me) laying next to her.

There will be a time when she no longer needs me to hold her.

There will come a time when she is so interested in exploring the world around her that I can't keep her still long enough to hold and hug her.

There will come a time when she leaves the nest to start her own family.

So in this tough season of being a new mom to a newborn, I want to savor every little moment including the hard ones because there will come a time when she will no longer need me.

I love you sweet girl.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here and There

As many of you may already know, we bought a new house.

When we started the house hunt, I already started  thinking of all the ways I can personalize our future house to make it into our home. Once we finally knew which house was ours, my head went spinning nonstop. I even purged all my Pinterest boards pertaining to our home. I was more excited then ever to start working on our new house.

My first line of business, moving into the house, was making it livable for all of us while getting ready to host 25+ people for Thanksgiving. I was able to accomplish both things this last month and now I cannot wait to start all these other projects I have in mind.

However, Christmas is two weeks away (I am hosting Christmas Eve dinner with a gift exchange) and money is tight. All the beautiful things I would love to do and most likely would take forever for me to complete anyways is on hold at least for a little bit. I am not at all disappointed because it gives me more time to enjoy this holiday season with my hubby. We are both on break from school and he has vacation time coming up, exciting!

I also can take my time unpacking all the other boxes left in the garage (and possibly complete some smaller projects I started up and never completed).

As always, my posts will continue to be sporadic. I hope you all (if anyone) sticks with me!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


So the last you heard from me, Ant and I made the decision to attempt to build a dining table once we moved into our new house.

That time frame gave us four weeks before Thanksgiving which sounded very doable. However, due to unseen circumstances our closing date was postponed two weeks.

Once we were finally homeowners to our anticipated house, we were two weeks away from Thanksgiving and things seemed pretty hectic.

Not only did we need to focus on making things livable for all of our sake but we needed to figure out a seating arrangment since we were gonna host Thanksgiving for 25+ people asap.

Basically, we found a table similar to the one I wanted to build at a local antique store with all the details I was swooning over!

I originally wanted to place this table in the eat in kitchen however the table is a little fragile and probably wouldn't last every day use. Because of that, the table resides in the formal dining room and I cannot wait until the room is complete.

Although, my cousin and I were able to play around with tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving. 

Little progress like this makes my heart happy and excited for the next thing in store, whatever that may be!

Monday, October 20, 2014

New House, New Project

We finally sold our bedroom furniture, it wasn't the price I was hoping for but it's finally out of the way. 

In my first master bedroom plan, I was going to sell it and work on a custom headboard.


We are in the middle of selling our house and buying a new one!! 

Originally we planned to live at our current house for at least 5 years especially since we haven't started a family yet. Our little 2 bedroom house was perfect for us and our dogs. However, my grandmother, Babcia, moved in with us and we desperately need our own bathroom and a little more privacy (the bedrooms are so close to each other in our current house). While I'm sad that I won't be able to complete everything I had planned for this house, I'm excited to start decorating and beginning projects at the new one!!

We already have the house picked out, approved, and accepted. We are only waiting on closing now.

I have quite a few projects to begin once we move in. The most important is some type of table for eating as we will be hosting Thanksgiving. We sold our little table because it's counter height and Babcia had a difficult time being able to sit on them comfortably and get off of them safely. 

For the kitchen table, I would like a 6 seat table. I had my eyes on the Cindy Crawford Ocean Grove white table

but I'm not to crazy about the finish on top. It's like a cherry finish and I prefer the brown wood tone like dark walnut

All other tables I found in the stain color I like aren't as good quality and solid as the Cindy Crawford one.

I previously played with the idea of building a farmhouse table but I didn't want to go through the hassle. The idea reappeared and I'm leaning towards it again. I already had some pins on Pinterest pinned from my previously thought so I will be going back to those and see if I can successfully build a table in time for Thanksgiving! 

No promises that I will even follow through yet, it's still an idea and I have to get Anthony fully on board.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smell the Roses

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Anthony and I sat down to look at our finances. We have started seriously budgeting and wanted to be sure to stick with it even with this holiday approaching.
After bills were paid and savings set aside, we did not want this holiday to leave us broke for an entire week so we gave ourselves a tinsy budget. I told Anthony I didn’t need the expensive things to make me happy. I just wanted a nice dinner with him, roses and to have fun. I would rather collect memories with him than things.

Don’t get me wrong, things are nice to have but aren’t an essential. By finally getting serious about budgeting and reading some amazing blogs about thriftiness, I have a new take on things. I don’t want to worry about obtaining the newest thing.

I want to enjoy the time I have with my husband.

I want to create memories with him (sometimes that is hitting the thrift stores or the golf course or just staying home watching netflix).

I’m not perfect and sometimes I (ahem) whine when I don’t get what I want. Having stopped to smell the roses, I realize grass isn’t always greener on the other side (haha I used two cliché phrases in one sentence). This new time set aside for budgeting each week has created a stronger bond in our marriage. It is quality time well spent where we talk about our dreams and goals. I look forward to more of these moments of budgeting, laughing, and dreaming together.

Have you smelled the roses lately? Do you budget? What is your take on budgeting?

I am linking up with  A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and Yes, They Are All Ours.

P.S. I am making progress on one of my many projects, here is a sneak peak.
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