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Showing posts with label Baby. Show all posts

Monday, March 12, 2018

Why I Love Baby-wearing + Three Month Update

Why I Love Baby-wearing + Three Month Update

This post was created in partnership with LILLEbaby but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Have we been spoiled with daddy's presence these last seven months (for those of you unaware, Anthony was laid off back in July and while it definitely was stressful financially, it has been a blessing as well). Daddy started working again a few weeks ago though so that leaves this momma outnumbered two to one so A LOT of baby-wearing has been happening even more around here because simply put baby-wearing makes mom life easier especially on the days I have two extra kids (I babysit a two year old and my 4 month old niece as a side hustle).

When I first had Sophia, she wanted to be held constantly and also had colic so you can imagine how difficult those first few months were. I did try baby-wearing so I could do simple house chores but honestly the carrier I had was cheaply made and did not support her hips properly so I stopped baby-wearing and tried again when she was about 8 months old and fell in love with it at that point and knew from then on I needed a high quality carrier.

Side Note: I know baby Anthony looks miserable in the photos below but he really does enjoy being worn, haha. These photos were all taken during the difficult time-frame of refusing naps.

I currently own two LILLEbaby carriers - the Complete Organic and the Ring Sling -  and we are in love. The Ring Sling we tend to use around our house or at family and friends' house for shorter carry (just a personal preference). For us, it's more of a quick way to get baby Anthony in a carrier that isn't bulky. The material is linen making it extremely lightweight and perfect for warmer weather but it takes a lot of usage to break it in. We struggled with it the first few weeks due to how stiff it was but throwing it in the washer and dryer has helped make it a little easier to work with it.

Side Note: I also used the Ring Sling as a maternity support belt to help with some back pain I was experiencing towards the end of my pregnancy.
The Complete is hands down my favorite and gets the most use. I wear this one if we are out running errands or if we are taking the kids out for an extended period of time like a day at the zoo or children's museum. The best part is, I can go back and forth between wearing Sophia and baby Anthony when I use the Complete.
As I mentioned in my previous post, we don't really allow our children to CIO and this is mostly when baby-wearing comes in handy for us because there are days, lots of days, where baby Anthony refuses to nap and refuses to be put down all together. Nine times out of ten, he will gladly stay snug to my chest in the carrier. If he is over exhausted we preference the Complete as I can clip up the head support and even button the shade to block out light to help him get a good nap in or even nurse in public. Baby-wearing makes discreetly breastfeeding hands free in public a breeze. As I mentioned in our New York post, baby wearing made it so easy to travel and sight-see since I was able to nurse Sophia while she was still in her carrier.

So really this just goes back to my main point that baby-wearing just makes mom life easier especially if you have multiple children.

Three Month Update

This guy turned three months old January 24th but I have been so behind on his updates as it has been quite the adjustment of having two extra kids in our house and Anthony going back to work however we are finally getting into a good routine so I hope to have baby Anthony's updates as close to his monthly "birth" dates as possible because man is our big guy constantly growing and I am having a hard time keeping track of his milestones! Around three months he was wearing 6-12 months clothes (now as a four month old, size 6 months no longer fits) and he likes sitting in our lap like a big boy. He is so huge that it's hard to cuddle him like a newborn but he prefers looking out at everything anyways so it works.

Three Month Stats
Weight: ???
Height: ???
Head Circumference: ??


being held

dirty diapers
waiting to eat

What I Want to Remember
how his clothes are constantly shrinking or he is just growing way too fast, ahaha
when he hears our voice he quickly jerks his head to find us

Do you baby-wear your infant and/or toddler? What is your favorite type of carrier to baby-wear? Did you have a hard time finding the time to document your second (or third, etc) child's milestones?

If you found this post helpful or know someone who would, please share it! I have made this pinnable image below to make it easier to share and pin!!

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Stormie Ramirez

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why We Won't Let our Children Cry It Out

Why We Won't Let our Children Cry It Out

I figured since I shared some sleep tips that help make bedtime easier with a newborn I would go into detail of why we won't do cry it out (CIO) with our children.

Note: this is in no way of judgement for families who use the CIO method. Do what works best for your family and your sanity. We are all just trying to stay afloat with this parenting gig.
We did briefly try CIO with Sophia and it was brutal for us and didn't feel natural. Sophia also suffered from colic the first few months of her life so her crying often times were for reasons she didn't even know herself. It was a tough season and I spoke on it a little in this post. Sophia also was not a good sleeper, she woke up multiple times to nurse during the night until she was about 14 months old. Nap-times were also difficult and required this lengthy routine to get her down but looking back I wouldn't trade giving her all those extra cuddles and nursing. She needed me even if it was hard and exhausting (and it was) but I chose to be there for her in whatever way she needed and it did not affect her ability to self-soothe or sleep on her own as so many people "warned" me would happen as she got older. 

At 15 months old, we transitioned Sophia to her own room and it was so smooth and seamless. She maybe cried all of 3 minutes before going to sleep. By 16 months, we were able to put her in her crib while she was still awake for nap and bed time and she would lay there and talk to herself or play for a little bit before falling asleep (this still happens to this day at 22 months). Sophia always wakes up in the happiest of moods and just starts playing and talking in her crib while she patiently waits for us to get her. I share all this to show you can successfully transition your older child to their own room without using the CIO method. I truly believe that by answering to Sophia's call as much as I was physically able to and nursing her on demand is what made her feel confident and secure to be in her own room because she knows mommy will be there when she needs it.
Besides CIO not feeling natural to us, I also read a Facebook post about orphan newborns, you can read it here. I cried in heartbreak when I read it and from then on I knew I could never do CIO especially as someone who lost their parents as a child. I know what it is like not having my biological mom and dad not be there as they both died before I was even out of elementary school (I had a great mom that raised me so don't get me wrong here but it still isn't quite the same). 

Now this doesn't mean my children never cry. They do cry, a lot in fact, haha. But I would never intentionally make them have to soothe themselves, if they need me I will be there. Sometimes I am not able to get to them right away because balancing two kids and a house is tough but I talk to them and let them know mommy is here and will get them in a moment or I sing to them even if I can barely her myself think because of how loud their cries may be but they will always know mommy is here to comfort them whenever they need and as best as I physically can in that moment. So if CIO doesn't feel natural to you or you just do not want to go that route, don't feel pressured to. You are not spoiling your child, you are giving them the confidence they need that you will be there for them.
Did you feel pressured to CIO because of the old wives tales of spoiling your child? Or did CIO work for your family? What method did(do) you use to help your child(ren) have better sleeping habits?

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Stormie Ramirez

Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Moms Survival Bins | Diapering Station

New Moms Survival Bins | Diapering Station

This post was created in partnership with PinkBlush Maternity but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

As I mentioned in my breastfeeding kit post, I don't have a portable diapering kit because we actually utilize changing tables. We have a Labrador retriever who sheds like crazy and brings in a ton of dirt into the house. I don't know what his obsession is but he always has to find mud and lay in it. He is so over dramatic to cool himself off when it isn't even that hot outside and he is only let outside for maybe 5 minutes just to potty. He is truly spoiled. Anyways, because of how much dirt and dog hair that is always on the floor, we just always made it a habit to change Sophia on the changing table attached to the pack n play or the changing pad on her dresser.

Since I stopped babysitting in September, we reset up the pack n play in our bedroom (it was in the playroom the last few months), and have now restocked it for  baby Anthony. These are the items we always have nearby both changing stations:
Also we never bought any type of diaper pail with Sophia because I honestly didn't want to spend the money by having to constantly buy specific trash bags for the pail or going through the hassle of DIYing the bags to use. It was just easier and cheaper for us at that point to take poopy diapers straight to the dumpster in the garage and pee diapers in the regular trash can since we change that trash almost nightly anyways. I did finally bite the bullet and purchased the Ubbi diaper pail with the monetary gifts we received for baby Anthony as this pail has the ability to use regular kitchen trash bags which that alone sold me on it. Plus, changing two to three kids' (I started babysitting again this month) diapers is a lot of work and momma wanted at least one pail for all the poop. We still take Sophia's (and the toddler I babysit) poop diapers straight to the dumpster because that smell is on a whole other level compared to breastmilk poop, haha.
With the cold weather we have been having the last few weeks I have been living in joggers like these from PinkBlush.  And let's be honest, having cute and comfy clothes like these joggers make mommying a tad easier. Well not really but at least you look cute and are comfortable doing it! 

Do you use a changing pad/table or do you change your baby wherever you happen to be? What are your thoughts on diaper pails? What is your daily momiform look like?

If you found this post helpful or know someone who would, please share it! I have made this pinnable image below to make it easier to share and pin!!

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Stormie Ramirez

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4 Uses for the DockATot

4 Uses for the DockATot

This post was created in partnership with DockATot but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

By this point, I am sure the whole world knows about my love for DockATot. It truly is an amazing product that has made the biggest impact in our parenting lives. We first received the DockATot Grand when Sophia was 9 months old (read that review here) and the Grand also helped make our hospital labor and delivery easier since we wanted Sophia as involved as possible during the whole process of welcoming baby Anthony into the world (read that experience here). 

Now I cannot stop singing the praises of the DockATot Deluxe. We never planned to be a co-sleeping family, Sophia forced it upon us and once we found out we were expecting baby Anthony, I couldn't imagine him not sleeping with us but I knew the only way I would feel safest is if we had the DockATot Deluxe. But what makes the Deluxe so amazing is the versatility and the different ways you can use it so I am sharing four ways we make use of our DockATot Deluxe.

Quick Disclosure: We do not leave baby Anthony unattended in the DockATot while on an elevated surface (such as the bed or couch), I was only away long enough to quickly snap these photos.


The most obvious way is as a co-sleeper. I love that we are able to have baby Anthony in our bed and I can easily place my hand on his chest to ensure he is breathing (when Sophia was born I barely slept because I was constantly leaning over the bassinet to check her breathing status before she forced us to co-sleep). The bumpers/sides of the DockATot help prevent Anthony or me from rolling on top of baby Anthony and they also help baby Anthony feel snug and secure like he is still in the womb. So basically we are all sleeping easier because of the DockATot.


Another way we like to use the DockATot Deluxe is when we are around the house. Sophia loves playing with her toys all over the house and I love that I can easily carry the Deluxe to whichever room she wants to play in to have a place for baby Anthony to lounge in while we watch big sister play.

Tummy Time

During our play times with Sophia, we also use the DockATot for tummy time for baby Anthony so he can strengthen those neck muscles. We just put his arms and chest on the side of the bumpers and put toys in front of his line of vision. The bumpers help keep his chest up to prevent his head from hitting the ground or possibly smothering himself from not being able to lift his head.


Besides co-sleeping, this is my favorite use for the DockATot. My in-laws live about an hour away in the country and they do not drive to the city very often so we make almost weekly trips out there to visit them and stay for about 6 or more hours. Basically an entire day. Because the Deluxe is so compact (you could buy a heavy duty case here, we have one for Sophia's Grand and love it!), it travels very easily which makes nap-times at grandma and grandpa's successful 99% of the time. Baby Anthony gets to have the comfort and scent of his own bed wherever we go so he is guaranteed to always have a good sleep unless of course he is going through a growth spurt or teething but that's another story, haha.

 Do you have a DockATot? What are your favorite ways to use it?

Please feel free to share with your friends and family who would love the DockATot!

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Stormie Ramirez

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hospital Labor and Delivery with a Toddler

Hospital Labor and Delivery with a Toddler

This post was created in partnership with DockATot but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

As I mentioned in my hospital bag post, we planned on Sophia staying with us in the hospital and we knew DockATot would be the only way to make that successful since her "bed" would be with her. We made this decision because I personally wanted Sophia to be as involved as possible during labor, delivery and recovery. 

Quick disclosure, these photos are staged since I obviously wasn't up for taking photos during labor and delivery and I forgot to make sure to ask anyone else to.

We arrived to the hospital around 6:40am and as you can imagine Sophia was still groggy from being woken up out of her sleep. We were able to lay her DockATot Grand on the sofa seat inside the delivery room and have her lay there and relax. 

To our surprise, Sophia was so amazingly calm and relaxed the entire time I was in labor and delivery and I truly believe bringing the DockATot with us to the hospital helped transition her to be in a new environment where a lot was going on that she didn't understand. It gave her a sense of security and comfort while she played with her tablet and relax.

We did run into some minor complications after delivery which postponed us being moved into the recovery area and at this point it became too much for Sophia to stay with us so Anthony took her home and put her to bed while he waited for my sister to go stay the night with her. Having the DockATot Transport Bag was amazing for all this back and forth as it made it easier for Anthony to carry it on his shoulders while also carrying the diaper bag and Sophia. 

We already knew our love for the DockATot Grand but this experience really reconfirmed for us that it is the best baby product that has made the biggest impact for us in making our parenting lives easier. And the DockATot Transport Bag made the transportation more convenient during this whole experience.

Did you have your toddler or children involved in the labor and delivery process of their sibling?

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Stormie Ramirez

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Mom Survival Bins | Breastfeeding Kit

New Mom Survival Bins | Breastfeeding Kit

Last year after having Sophia, I shared what I took from the hospital after my maternity stay but I also shared a few more tidbits at the end of that post and one of them was how I made care kits for around the house. One for pumping/breastfeeding, one for postpartum mom care, and another for extra feeding essentials for when Sophia started solids. I decided this time around I would go into more detail of what I actually put in each of those care kits and today I will focus on the breastfeeding/pumping kit I created to have near my nursing station.

Last time, I just used one of those small hospital tubs and I plan to use that again since it is free but I do have my eye on this diaper caddy from The Good Baby. It's made to be a portable diaper station but we personally use changing tables just because our floor is constantly a mess with our Labrador Retriever shedding constantly. Anyways, since I will be having a toddler running around I most likely won't be able to have a designated nursing area like I did when I nursed Sophia so my nursing station will most likely be more beneficial if it's portable and since The Good Baby caddy has handles it would make it easier to carry around the house from room to room while I'm trying to keep up with Sophia. But I just can't really justify buying it plus we do not have the money to spend on it if it isn't needed. I mean I rather spend $20 on going out to eat, haha. I will keep you updated if I decide it would be beneficial to buy it or not though but for now, I will go the free route.

So these are the items I like to keep nearby for when I am breastfeeding/pumping:
  • Breast Pump and parts (your insurance should provide this)
  • Breast pump bags
  • DIY Pumping Bra
  • Marker (to label the bags)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Nipple cream (I plan to use coconut oil this time around as needed)
  • Burp cloths (I use cloth diapers as burp cloths and for extra protection against leaky boobs) 
  • Breast pads
  • Milkies milk saver (this product is new to me but it is suppose to catch leaking milk from the opposite boob which I am excited about because no more wasted milk or having to pump while nursing)
  • Nursing pillow
It may be beneficial to set these stations up before you actually go into labor that way they are already ready for when you come home from the hospital however if you are going to be using the hospital bins like I plan to then you can't really set up until afterwards.

If you found this post helpful or know someone who would, please share it! I have made this pinnable image below to make it easier to share and pin!!

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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, October 6, 2017

Infant Wardrobe | What You Really Need

Infant Wardrobe | What You Really Need

After having one baby make it to toddlerhood and only using clothes she was gifted instead of splurging for more clothes, we found the magic number to make a capsule wardrobe work especially since babies are constantly growing the first year. These numbers are suggested for each sizing stage but ultimately it will vary per a child as some babies grow faster during certain stages then others. Also note that clothing before 6 months is typically in better condition since babies are not eating solids yet so those sizes typically stay nicer looking longer which allows you to rotate through them more often.

14 bodysuits/tops

My personal ratio would be around 10 bodysuits and 4 tops but really any combination of the two would work depending on your personal preference. Having 14 suits/tops allows you to be able to maybe make it to two weeks without washing clothes just depending on how much your little babe spits up or how many blow outs he or she may have but this amount will, at the very least, allow you to wash once a week instead of having to wash multiple times in one week.

2 rompers 

Rompers can be a great step up outfit than the typical bodysuit which is why I recommend having two in your baby's basic wardrobe. If you have a girl you could easily do 2 dresses instead of 2 rompers or 1 dress and 1 romper. Again, it is about your personal preference and style.

2-3 sleepers

For some reason, I see people recommend having like 7-10 sleepers but we did not find that many necessary at all, even with all the blowouts Sophia would have. We were able to make it fine with each sizing only having 2-3 and still only having to wash once a week. Also, I dressed Sophia everyday after waking up whereas I know some people do leave their baby in the sleeper all day so that could be the difference in why others suggest having so many. Therefore my suggestion would be to start off with 2-3 sleepers and see how your lifestyle goes from there with a new baby and add more to your collection as you see the need. 

3-4 pants/shorts

Having a few shorts or pants or even leggings and skirts will help complete the bodysuits and tops and making full outfits for when you are out of the house and you don't need a ton since you can just mix and match them.

1 sweater (season/location specific)

This item will depend on where you live geographically and what season it is. We live in South Texas and it does not get cool until maybe November so only 1 sweater is needed but really even then we could just get a long sleeve bodysuit or shirt and it would work just fine.

1 jacket (season/location specific)

Again, it just depends where you live and what season it is. We don't experience cold weather until January but even then there is no guarantee you will need an actual jacket because a sweater could work just fine. If you live in more colder regions, you may want more than 1 jacket that have difference thickness or even a full snowsuit. So just be mindful of where you live and what the weather is like and adjust your needs accordingly.

1-2 hats

Depending on the season, will determine what type of hat you may need for your baby. Is it summer? Then go with a sun hat to protect their head from being sunburned. Is it winter? Go with a beanie that covers their ears to keep their heads and ears warm. Are they a newborn? Most newborn sleepers come with cute matching newborn hats, just don't let them sleep with the hat as it could become a suffocation hazard if it slips off their head while sleeping.

1 pair of crib shoes

As you will notice, I don't have socks on the list because if you have crib shoes then socks aren't really needed. I recommend getting a neutral pair that can match with everything in the baby's wardrobe. We personally love Freshly Picked moccasins and it helps get baby use to having something on their feet so when they get older, you don't have to fight with them about having shoes on. Funny story is we actually have to fight with Sophia to take her shoes off because she wants to wear them ALL THE TIME. Which is a good problem to have.

Most importantly, just keep in mind of the climate and location and your personal lifestyle and adjust the numbers as needed. And keep in mind this list is for a capsule wardrobe, if you want to add more dresses and rompers or suit and ties then go for it!

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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, September 22, 2017

Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety Tips

Last year, when I opened up and wrote about stuff no one told me when I was expecting my first child, the very first thing I mentioned was car seat safety. The best thing you can do for your baby/child is to read the car seat manual that the manufacturer provided with your particular car seat instead of depending on someone else to lend their advice. 

All car seat brands and types are different and have varying restrictions and installation processes so pay particular attention to these details of your car seat of choice:

Weight/Height Restrictions 

All car seats have a weight minimum and maximum as well as height restrictions. Typically this can be found on the packaging itself or under the description when purchasing online for quick access but it is also stated in the car seat manual so be sure your child fits the weight and height restrictions of the car seat of your choice for the best protection.

Properly Strapped 

I get it, we all get in a rush and for some reason the straps always seem to get twisted when we are running late but restraining our children with twisted straps can affect the straps from properly protecting your child in case of an accident. Also, make sure the chest clip is on the child's chest and not on his belly - the chest clip should be in line with the armpits. The reason this is so important is the chest clip acts as a restraint, obviously, so when you are impacted, the sternum bone is under the chest clip and that bone protects those organs underneath. However, if you have the clip below the chest on the belly then upon impact the chest clip pushes into the abdominal area and could damage or hurt vital organs. Again, be sure to reference your car seat's manual on how to properly install the straps and how to place the chest clip.


If you purchase your car seat new, which I highly recommend, make sure to register it with the manufacturer so you can be notified if there is ever a recall on your particular model. If you are purchasing your car seat second hand, check the expiration date of the car seat as well as if there has been any recalls and only purchase from someone you can trust without a doubt. Ask them if the car seat was ever in a vehicle that was in an accident, with or without a child in it, as it is recommended for most car seats that were in accidents to be replaced as to ensure that you are getting the highest level of safety and performance from your car seat via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). And if you are planning to use your car seat for multiple children, as we are using Sophia's old infant carrier for the new baby, check the expiration date of the car seat to be sure it is still within the car seat safety standards as well as checking on any recalls.

Rear Facing Recommendation 

Now this is where things may get controversial however it is now recommended for you to keep your child rear facing until after they turn two. I know some of the parents concern on waiting that long is your child being cramped or no longer fitting into their rear facing seat however if you are following the weight and height restrictions for your rear facing car seat then your child is perfectly safe. If your child is no longer within the limits of your rear facing car seat, you can purchase a convertible car seat which is a car seat that can be used for rear facing or forward facing. Again, make sure to read the manual as there could be different weight and height restrictions depending on how you are facing the convertible car seat. For more information on forward-facing and rear-facing, check out this post by the Car Seat Lady.

I know I sound like a broken record but the best way to know if you are using your car seat properly is by reading the car seat manual from cover to cover.

Our car seats of choice:
Convertible Car Seat | Maxi-Cosi Pri 70

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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017 | Toddler Edition

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017 | Toddler Edition

We have gotten some nice fall like weather here in Houston lately which has inspired me to get Sophia's fall wardrobe ready. If you remember from last year, I put together a mini fall capsule wardrobe for her as a baby girl and you may notice a few of those pieces will reappear here in her toddler fall capsule wardrobe. Again, most of the pieces were found at second hand stores with an exception of a few that were given as gifts at her birthday (I made sure to request the next size up from our guests). I did try to find as many exact or similar options for you all in case you want to create a similar look for your toddler girl.

Top (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Flats

Top (similar) | Leggings | Flats

Dress (similar) | Flats

Top & Leggings (similar outfit set) | Flats

Dress (similar) | Sweater | Flats

Top (similar) | Vest (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Flats

Dress | Vest (similar) | Flats

Top (similar) | Leggings

If you are wanting to hear more about how I thrift shop for baby and toddler clothing, let me know and I can prepare a tips and tricks posts later on (UPDATE: see Tips for Thrifting Children's Clothes here). I am also in the works of creating a new baby capsule wardrobe (UPDATE: see Infant Wardrobe here) so be sure to stay tuned for that!
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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, September 8, 2017

Baby Proofing Products

Baby Proofing Products

Since we have been discussing breastfeeding and newborn essentials the last few posts and September is Baby Safety Month, I figured I would share my favorite baby proofing products that we use in our home as they are also an essential for keeping your baby and children safe.

Baby Gate 

I think most people think baby gates are only a need if you live in a two story home but I believe it is even needed in a one story home. At least in our one story home, we have found the need for it. We began using it shortly after Sophia learned to crawl and continued to use it until she learned what was off limits. I also prefer the pressure mounted ones instead of the ones you screw into the wall just for wall damage reasons and I don't want to give myself more work then I need whenever we are no longer in need for baby gates.

Cabinet/Drawer Latches

Our cabinets and drawers don't have knobs on them so we use these latch ones. We only have them in our master restroom as we don't house anything in the secondary restroom and everything in the kitchen is relatively safe although we are planning to add them in there just because I'm OCD and have my Tupperware organized in a specific way and Sophia's curiosity and playfulness tends to make a mess of that cabinet, haha.

Door Knob Covers

So everyone makes fun of me for having these on a few of the doors already since Sophia cannot open doors, yet. Key word yet. I would rather be the proactive parent and prevent her from ever opening the restroom door and finding her upside down in the toilet. Dramatic, maybe. But seriously it's better to be prepared before their curiosity hurts them in some way. We also have a door knob cover on the laundry room door since that room is the most unorganized and has a lot of crap on the floor.

Visual Baby Monitor

I personally know a few people who think an audio monitor is enough but when babies are quiet it means one of two things: they are asleep (yay) or they are getting into something (uh oh). So how do you know which is which especially as they get older? I love the security of the visual monitor especially during nap time and bedtime so I can see that Sophia is actually laying down either sleeping or playing quietly instead of trying out some gymnastics ninja warrior move to escape the crib.

Outlet Covers

I think outlet covers are pretty self explanatory. Babies and toddlers are exploring this new world and don't understand that there is an electrical current in those weird little holes that are the perfect size to stick a finger into.

Faucet Cover

This isn't necessarily needed right away but once your baby starts playing around in the tub and not paying attention to their surroundings, they could bunk their head and get hurt pretty badly. This specific one we love because there is a nifty little tab where you insert bubbles so it evenly disperses the bubbles into their bath water.

What are your baby proofing must-haves?

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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, September 1, 2017

Newborn Essentials from a Second Time Mom

Newborn Essentials from a Second Time Mom

This post was created in partnership with DockATot, LILLEbaby, Ollie World and Binxy Baby but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

When creating my list of must-haves for baby number two I was quite surprised by how small my list was which is a good thing. When I was pregnant with Sophia, I made sure to register for and purchase all expensive major baby products in gender neutral colors and patterns so we could pass on those things to our next little babe whether it would be another girl or a baby boy. And man, is it saving us so much money (or giving us more bang for our buck) that we do not need much this time around. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a million and one things I want but that’s for another day, haha.

DockATot Deluxe – The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. The DockATot comes in two sizes, the Deluxe (0-8 Months) and the Grand (9-36 Months). We first heard about DockATot when Sophia was around a month old and we got the opportunity to try the DockATot Grand when she was 9 months old (read here). It was a game changer and helped her sleep so much better through the night so I knew with a second baby, we would need the DockATot Deluxe from the very beginning. We typically use the DockATot as a co-sleeper since we bed-share and the thick borders make it safe to do so. (If you use my referral link, you will receive $10 off all Docks)

LILLEbaby Baby Carrier – I absolutely love babywearing! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to start babywearing Sophia until she was around 9 months old since the carrier we had didn’t properly support her head and neck or hips. When I finally bought a woven wrap for our New York trip, I fell in love with babywearing that I started looking into more baby carriers because I wanted to have the versatility to wear my babies in different ways for different reasons so I was excited when I heard about LILLEbaby and to be given the opportunity to try out two of their carriers, the soft structured carrier and the ring sling. I chose the LILLEbaby Complete since it will allow us to wear Sophia or the new baby in 6 different carrying positions. I also like the idea of having a soft structured carrier because it is easier for Anthony to wear either kid as well without having to worry how to wrap or adjust a woven wrap or a ring sling properly. I also chose a ring sling wrap from LILLEbaby because I love the lighter material it provides and it isn’t as intricate as a woven wrap so again I just love being able to have versatility in wearing my babies through all their stages and the seasons. And it’s becomes part of your outfit so it is nice to have options in accessories, haha.

Sophie the Giraffe – I am pretty sure everyone has heard all the rage about the Sophie the Giraffe teether but I also know once you see the price for it, there is hesitation. There was for us. But we still bought it and gave it a try and I am so glad we did. It is the only teether Sophia has ever had and used. It is that good. So think of how much money you spend buying those $2-$3 teethers and you probably bought about 10-15 to find the right one with no luck. Well you just spent the same amount of money on various others teethers when you can spend that same amount or less for just one teether. Also, if you follow the proper cleaning and care instructions that come with your Sophie you won’t have any mold issues. That whole situation really is a user error and not a product error.

The Ollie World Swaddle – I am super excited to try this swaddle out. Newborn babies have a moro reflex, or a startle reflex, that can wake them if they are sleeping so swaddling a newborn baby helps the baby feel secure and to not wake up. Sophia always broke at least one hand out of her swaddles (we used standard cotton swaddles and muslin swaddles) and would wake up every time she had a startle reflex. The Ollie Swaddle has velcro closure on the sides that help keep the Ollie secure and it has easy access to change diapers through the opening at the bottom which allows for diaper changes without having to unswaddle and reswaddle.  (If you use my referral link, you will receive 10% off all products at Ollie World - offer expires 09/07/2017)

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – Having a newborn and a toddler doesn’t leave much room in a shopping cart when you have to get out to the store so I am excited to be able to try out the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock. You strap the hammock onto the cart and you can place either your carseat (no waking the baby, yay!) onto the Binxy hammock or you can put your infant in the hammock as there is a buckle for either way you decide to use it. This is definitely a product I wish I had with just one kid but so glad I found it now that I will be having two! (If you use my referral link, you will receive 10% off all products at Binxy Baby)

Since some of these products are new to me, I will be doing a more in depth review of each one once we get to try them out with baby boy. Crazy to think we only have about 8 weeks left, give or take!!
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