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Friday, February 19, 2016

Anniversary Weekend Getaway | Austin

Anthony and I were planning to take a babymoon before Little Love arrives but the only weekend that was available for us to do so would be next weekend however we asked our doctor for permission and she suggested we stay in the Katy and surrounding area because of how far along we already are in the pregnancy so this leaves me reminiscing about our anniversary weekend getaway to Austin last April and figured I'd share some of the details and pictures of things we did while we were there.

We decided to go to Austin because of the Hamilton Pool Reserve that is actually located in Dripping Springs, approximately 40 minutes outside of Austin. I was looking on Pinterest years ago of places to see and when I saw how close this was and doable (budget wise), we started planning our trip immediately.

Since Austin is only a little over 2 hours away, we decided to drive and who wouldn't with gorgeous field views like these

We stayed at the Best Western Plus as Anthony gets a discount with his job and we were overall pleased with our stay. The attached bar didn't hurt as we took a night to get a few drinks and people watch.

Our first night in Austin was our actual anniversary date so we splurged for dinner and ate at Wink and we indulged in the 5 course Chef's tasting menu. It was delicious but I have to admit, I was still hungry afterward, each course was only a bite size.

Our hotel offered free breakfast so after enjoying that the next morning, we started our adventure to Hamilton Pool Reserve.


It was absolutely breathtaking, I shed a few tears taking in all of God's wonderful creation. Afterwards, we headed back to Austin and enjoyed lunch at Hut's Hamburgers. AMAZING. That's all I have to say.

While enjoying the pool, we were referred to check out the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the largest North American Bat Colony. It was within walking distance, so we enjoyed a nice stroll to the bridge to see what all the fuss was about. And it was worth it, get there a little early if you want a nice sitting and seeing area.

On our last day in Austin, we did what I think anyone should do when visiting Austin; we visited the State Capitol.

We also took a day trip to San Antonio on the way home after visiting the Capitol, although it was a bit out of the way but I'll save that for another post! It was just so nice to have that time together during our anniversary weekend without any worries and only focusing on each other, I hope it's a habit we keep especially now that our alone time will be limited once we welcome our baby girl, it sure is to make each moment alone more special and meaningful.

How do you mamas and daddies find time for each other with children? Do you have weekend getaways or only date nights?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smell the Roses

A few days before Valentine’s Day, Anthony and I sat down to look at our finances. We have started seriously budgeting and wanted to be sure to stick with it even with this holiday approaching.
After bills were paid and savings set aside, we did not want this holiday to leave us broke for an entire week so we gave ourselves a tinsy budget. I told Anthony I didn’t need the expensive things to make me happy. I just wanted a nice dinner with him, roses and to have fun. I would rather collect memories with him than things.

Don’t get me wrong, things are nice to have but aren’t an essential. By finally getting serious about budgeting and reading some amazing blogs about thriftiness, I have a new take on things. I don’t want to worry about obtaining the newest thing.

I want to enjoy the time I have with my husband.

I want to create memories with him (sometimes that is hitting the thrift stores or the golf course or just staying home watching netflix).

I’m not perfect and sometimes I (ahem) whine when I don’t get what I want. Having stopped to smell the roses, I realize grass isn’t always greener on the other side (haha I used two cliché phrases in one sentence). This new time set aside for budgeting each week has created a stronger bond in our marriage. It is quality time well spent where we talk about our dreams and goals. I look forward to more of these moments of budgeting, laughing, and dreaming together.

Have you smelled the roses lately? Do you budget? What is your take on budgeting?

I am linking up with  A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and Yes, They Are All Ours.

P.S. I am making progress on one of my many projects, here is a sneak peak.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

& Many More: Friendship Pt. 2

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.
Not only am I able to confide in Anthony but I can just be myself with him.

We are so silly together.

There is no need to put on a front or act like someone I'm not.

We goof around with each other.
We laugh at each.
We just, plain ol', have a good time together.

Even in the midst of intense fellowship, he never fails to make me laugh at some point.

For our anniversary, we celebrated by going to Main Event. We played laser tag, bowling and I did a ropes course. It was a ton of fun! I made a collage of our night for you guys to enjoy.

Thank you for today. Thank you for these past two years of marriage to my best friend. I pray that not only can we individually be sanctified but together, in our marriage, we might also witness to others of YOUR amazing love for us, sinners.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 7: Friendship Pt. 1

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.
My husband is my best friend. I can tell him anything without worrying of what he will say or if he will look at me differently.

Anthony is a great listen for when I'm feeling down and out. He also gives me great advice and encouragement when I need it.

He is my support system!

If I have a problem, he will help me solve it. Or if I just need to vent, he is there.

I can truly say, I have married my best friend!!

What a blessing it is to marry someone that is not only my friend but also my brother in Christ. Our friendship is amazing! Even better is our marriage with You as our foundation! Thank You for blessing us with such a sweet relationship. I pray that we do not set each as an idol but grow together towards You.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 6: Saturday Mornings

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.

One of my favorite days of the week is Saturdays. My husband is now off most Saturdays and we are able to sleep in and once we do wake up, we cuddle and watch cartoons together. It's a magical time and intimate time that we enjoy together!

I count down the days till Saturday.

For the day I wake up in my husband's arms and remain there until one of us decides to cook breakfast.

But boy, am I sad to see him leave Monday morning for work. I know he is doing it to provide for me and all but I long for the time we are back together at the end of the day.

I love every moment I have with my husband and I know he feels the same!

Day 5: Sacrifice

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.

From the first time I met Anthony, he has always been selfless. When we were dating, we lived in a small town. There were not many food choices to choose from. I loved Whataburger at the time and the closet Whataburger was in another town. No matter the time of day if I told Anthony I was feeling Whataburger, he was always willing to drive me and pay (a plus in today's modern dating).

He puts others above himself in nearly everything.

In a more recent example is something so small. I went to the store and bought two Dr. Peppers, I accidently dropped one of them. When I returned home to let him know I dropped one, he immediately offered to drink the one that was shooken up so I could have the "better" one. However, I am trying to learn to be as selfless as my husband and ended up giving him the one that was not dropped and I drank the one I dropped.

My husband has taught me to be more selfless.

Anthony is not just selfless with me. If anyone ask him of anything, he is more than willing to help or do whatever if he is able to. Anyone who knows him, knows how selfless he is and that he does it out of love for others not to gain anything back.

Thank you for blessing me with such a sacrificing husband. For being my provider and always willing to serve than to be served. Thank you for using my husband to show me and to teach me how to be selfless myself. You are so good, Father. You know exactly what I need before I even know what's good for me. Each and everyday I see and understand more that you purposely created me to be Anthony's helpmate. You created such a wonderful relationship between us to glorify You. Teach us, Father. Lead us. Guide us to You more and more each day.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 4: Love is...

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.

I have to admit I do not have much patience. I get frustrated too quickly and react automatically. I'm working on it and I have gotten so much better.

No matter how quick I am to anger, Anthony manages to keep it together 90% of the time. I don't know how he does it! I wouldn't have much patience for myself with how I am at times. I quickly speak up before hearing what happens and I get mad even quicker. I contradict James 1:19 and I'm ashamed at my impatience.

My sweet husband still loves me despite my flaws. He has patience with my slow improvements. He reflects Christ in giving me grace continually.

Just imagine how much more God loves me, a sinner!! It is literally breath-taking thinking of it!

But unfortunately, I do let my anger get the best of me and I don't always show respect towards my husband.

Anthony is patient.
He is kind.
He does not envy or boast.
He is not arrogant or rude.
He does not insist on his on way.
He is not irritable or resentful.
He does not rejoice at wrongdoing.
But he rejoices with truth.
He bears all things.
He hopes all things.
He endures all things.

This is why I call my husband "my love." No matter how upset or impatient we may get with each other, we always have love for one another. Our marriage is built on something so strong that it can not be broken.

Our foundation is Christ!

You have blessed me with a godly man. A man who is after your own heart. Who strives to be more like Your Son Jesus everyday. He prays constantly for everyone. He is loving and compassionate. I pray that You can continue to use my husband to be the light to others, to point them to You. To keep him on this path of righteousness. That he would continue to pursue You and be intimate with You, Lord. Thank You Father for this man of God to lead me into Your arms. I want to know You all the more Father God. To be sanctified everyday, to glorify You all the days of my life. Thank You for showing Your love for me through my husband. I want to praise You! Lift Your name on high! You are so perfect and Holy Father! Despite my inequities You still look to me as blameless because of the work Your Holy Son did on the cross. I am forgiven and made new because of Your grace. Thank you Father!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 3: Sense of Humor

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.

My husband makes me laugh. A LOT. But he may say this to my previous statement: (sarcastic tone) "I was told by one of my professors that the term 'a lot' is incorrect. That it refers to a specific parking lot not as 'many.'" (Insert dorky facial expression)

So maybe I should say my husband makes me laugh very much.

It's comments like those paired with his sarcastic tone and with a facial expression that makes any statement he says very amusing.

When we first met, he said I had a beautiful smile.

So maybe this is why he makes me laugh and tells me such silly jokes. I don't know but either way I love the way he can always make me laugh.

Whether I'm sad or mad, Anthony always puts a smile on my face.

At the bottom of this blog is a video my husband posted on YouTube. It is his personal spinoff of Jimmy Fallon's Thank You notes. I figured its best to hear his weird sense of humor than for me to describe it.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 2: Gentleness

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.
After our first year of marriage, we both started getting tired of the same foods so I decided to venture off and find new recipes to try and even try to create some on my own.

Let's just say the first new recipe I created did not turn out too well. It tasted flat out disgusting!! My sweet husband said it tasted just fine. I threw mine out and prepared something else but Anthony ate the whole thing and kept complimenting on how great it tasted.

My husband is the most sensitive man I know.

He could have been honest on the taste but he didn't want to hurt my feelings. He encouraged me the whole time and to this day, he still does with my experimenting on different recipes.

Another fail attempt was on his birthday. I decided to try to make a homemade strawberry cake. Strawberry is his favorite. I found a recipe on for a strawberry cake with homemade icing. It sounded and looked delicious! I had to make it for him.

Well I had an idea of adding fresh sliced strawberries into the batter to make the cake more authentic.


The strawberries were not chopped up small enough which caused my cake to fall according to one of my friends who is amazing at baking! Anthony said the cake was perfectly moist and tasted delicious. The cake didn't need to look beautiful as long as it tasted good according to him.

He treats me with such gentleness.

I love this quality about my husband. I can fail at many things but he always finds the positive in each thing and tries to encourage me.

Thank you for blessing me with a husband who reflects gentleness so perfectly. I pray that I can learn from him and have this quality as you have called for. I pray that not only can we have gentleness but that we can bear all the fruits of the spirit and put to death our fruits of the flesh with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1: Personality over Style

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.
The first time I saw Anthony was my first day working at Brookshire Brothers as a cashier. (Anthony was the office manager there.) There was something about him that was attractive but I couldn't quite figure it out! He had such horrible taste in style and to me, at that time, style was everything. The way you dressed expressed who you were, if you had a nice swag than to me you were very good looking. Your sense of style is what made a dude look cute or not BUT Anthony did not have a sense of style what so ever!!
So why the heck did I find him attractive?!?
I still had no idea during the months of us getting to know each other. All I knew at the time was I looked foward to the days we were scheduled to work together and was bummed the days we did not.
This guy made me smile everytime we were together!
What's not to like about that? I began not to notice his bad wardrobe and just saw him. Who he was inside and that I was in love with him. Anthony always said the reason he did not focus on his style is because he wanted to prove that guys can attract girls with personalities alone. I don't know if he was serious or not and to this day I still don't. However, he did win me over by his personality.
I am so glad that he did too. I soon fell in love with his weird sense of style (and being able to help him out sometimes.)
I sit here and wonder how could I have been so shallow to think your style is what makes a person attractive. Just imagine if I would have married someone with amazing style but they had a personality that bites. It would have really sucked.
I am in love with a man who has the greatest personality in the world.
It is truly a blessing marrying my best friend. I am able to be silly with him all the time and just laugh our butts off at each other. It's amazing how I married the person I could not see myself with and now I could not see myself without him.
He is my other half and I know God had me in mind when He was creating Anthony.
Thank you for blessing me with the role as a wife. That my husband and I can be image bearers to your Son and the Church. I pray that we can be sanctified more and more each day you have us here on this beautiful earth. When people look at us all they see is Your love, that we can be the light to the people for Your glory. I also pray that I can show love and compassion to my husband all the days of our lives, that he can see Christ in me. That we draw near to you each day through the meditating of Your Word and constant prayer. And when our day comes for eternity, we can hear: "Well done good and faithful servant."

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