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Monday, May 16, 2016

What to Take From the Hospital After a Maternity Stay

I have been following Chelsea from Two Twenty One for a few years now. After she had her son Owen, she posted a lot more about baby products, tips and tricks and what to take from the hospital after popping out a kid. I'll be honest, I loved her blog for the home improvement and DIY tutorials and her famous peonies. So when she started sharing more baby talk, I was like "great this is turning into a mom blog. I just want to see pretty pictures of her house and crafts I can create for my house." Well lo and behold, I got pregnant I needed to know what the heck to pack in my hospital bag so I asked my friend and she sent me Chelsea's link. Well well well, here we are again and I needed her help so I'm glad she shared her advice. And here I am sharing what I took from the hospital. 

I created this exact list in my phone of the items I wanted to ask for: 

For mom:
A couple pairs of mesh undies
lanolin sample
package of pads
Abdominal binder

For baby:
small tub
leftover diapers from the bassinet
leftover wipes from the bassinet
bulb syringes

For nursing:
breast pump compatible nurser bottles
slow flow nipples
lanolin samples
breast pump flanges
box of nursing pads
nursing sleep bra

This is what I actually took home:

For mom:
6 pairs of mesh undies
a package of pads
a package of bed liners
abdominal binder
perineal squirt bottle

For baby:
3 small tubs
bowl for sponge baths
baby brush
wash rag
sample baby shampoo
sample babywash/shampoo
leftover diapers from bassinet
leftover wipes from bassinet
2 bulb syringes

For nursing:
3 lanolin samples (1 came in my Lactina kit but 
I wasn't aware of that at the time so my nurse brought me back 2 when I asked for some.
breast pump compatible nurser bottles

Other Tips & Tricks

I hand washed my mesh undies and air dried them which allowed me to use them for two weeks. My nurse showed me a way to wear my mesh undies without the need to buy or wear granny panties, I would put my pad on a bed liner (I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of how I folded the liner) and pull the mesh undies up to hold the bed liner in place. I did this for two weeks and than I just wore my regular period panties with a pad.

I personally did not like the abdominal binder, I am very curvy and it just didn't sit right on my body.

I only used a quarter of 1 of the lanolin samples so I gave the other two away as well as the breastpump kit since my insurance provided me with a Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Kit.

I used the three small tubs to organize my care kit in the restroom, my breastpump and accessories near my rocking chair and all other feeding accessories in Sophia's closet.

The perineal squirt bottle made cleaning your vagina so much easier and made sure to clean out the gunky blood (sorry if TMI but it's needed) and the Dermoplast is a pain relieving spray, instant relief for your vagina!

I hope this list was able to help you make yours and if you aren't sure about something, your nurse should be able to help you or get these items if they aren't already in your room.

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