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Friday, June 24, 2016

Review | Bradley Method Birth Classes

Back in January when we started our Bradley Method Birth Class I talked about doing a review once we finished our class but than decided to hold it off until after birth to give you a full review and if I thought it actually helped.

Bradley Header

If you are familiar with our birth story than you know it didn't go as I envisioned or planned but than again I think it rarely does. However I feel like my birth experience was a little extra traumatic (okay that word is a little over the top and dramatic but whatever). I felt like Sophia was literally forced out (dramatic again, I know) of me due to my doctor's decision of inducing me. And the way my body reacted to the inducing medicine made it harder on me than your typical birthing contractions. Typically you contract about every 3-5 minutes and they get closer together as you progress. This was NOT the case for me. I contracted about every 45 seconds for about 18 hours straight and I owe it to the Bradley Method for getting me that far without an epidural. In helping me learn to not fight my contractions and work with them however after 18 hours of labor and contracting without any down time I think it's safe to say that's asking a lot from anyone to just breath. 

If my contractions would have been normal, would I have gotten an epidural? It's tough to say because I feel there were multiple things I had to consider and I weighed the pros and cons of everything before making my decision to go ahead with an epidural after those restless, starving, longest 18 hours of my life. 

p.s. This book helped me make an informed decision, I reviewed it here and highly suggest educating yourself.

In any consecutive pregnancies, I do plan on retaking the Bradley Method and I think any expecting parents should enroll in a birthing class whether it's the Bradley Method or your local hospital class or whether you go all natural or take whatever drug they can give you. You should think of birth like an athletic event because after all your body is doing a lot to deliver a baby (no matter what type of medication is involved or not, your body is still working) and you wouldn't show up to a marathon without training.

What birthing class did you take or are planning to take? Did it help you understand and work with your body?

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