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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What to Pack for the Hospital during a Maternity Stay

A few weeks ago, I shared what I took from the hospital after giving birth to Little Love and before that I suggested some questions to consider asking while on a Maternity Tour so I figured it was time I talked about what I packed (and what we didn't think to pack so family members had to go scrambling through our house to find the items).

If you have read Little's Loves birth story than you know nothing went as planned (when does it ever really though?) and we were not prepared. Our hospital bag was half way packed sitting in the nursery while we were considering what we really needed to take with us.

For baby 
two pairs of socks (one for each outfit) 
a white ruffle onesie
name embroidered hat (we kept her name a secret and this is how we revealed it to our family and friends)
a jean romper

Side Note: I'd suggest just packing a going home outfit only, we personally chose two outfits because we were having a Fresh 48 photo shoot of her while in the hospital otherwise it would have just been the romper and coordinating socks.

For mom
a nightgown (I didn't want to be stuck in the hospital gowns so I bought a cheap gown from Walmart that would be easy to nurse in)
a going home maxi dress
travel size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothbrush.etc.)
breast pump I was borrowing at the time (lactation consultant help show me how to assemble, clean and use)
cell phone charger
iPad (we didn't even use it)
Bradley Method Workbook and Worksheets (didn't even pull it out to look over)
my birth plan (which didn't go according to plan).

Side Note: My hospital provided toiletries so I didn't need to pack them but I like what I like so yeah do you on that. I also wore the same shoes home that I wore to the hospital.

For dad
a change of clothes
toiletries (contact case, contact solution, toothbrush, glasses)
cell phone charger. 

Side Note: I think it's safe to say, Anthony isn't high maintenance like me.

What we forgot to bring
camera (although Anthony went back home to get it and we didn't even use it)
Razor and Shaving cream for Anthony (he did the growing beard thing during my pregnancy)
mittens (although we didn't have any so Anthony's dad bought some when he visited)

And I think that about covers everything as far as I can remember.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? Any suggestions on what's needed and what's a waste of space for a hospital bag?

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