Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Guide for Him | $40 & UNDER

So guys, I normally have all my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped but not this year. I am so behind mostly due to budget but also to timing. And I suck at gifting Anthony because I always give it away. I gave him his Father's Day present early. I was suppose to surprise him with a date night for his birthday but told him at lunch that we were going out baby-free that evening. So, its kinda good that I haven't gone shopping for him yet so I don't ruin it, haha.

Without my gift ruining, I am at a lost of what to give him as we don't have much money to spend and whatever I do spend, I don't want it to be something that is just eh, you know? I have been peeping other's gift guides for him but why does every one else have gifts that are super expensive or that are so fancy like cuff links, like my guy likes video games, music and I need ideas along those lines.

Which is why we are here today because if your like me who has a regular guy than here are some ideas I am considering that you might also like for your boo thing and hey some of the stuff I like so it's a win-win depending on which one I go with.

What are you thinking of getting the special man in your life? Any other ideas you can throw my way that is budget friendly?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nine Month Update | Little Love

 Time obviously hasn't stood still or frozen and Sophia is growing more and more each day. She is exploring the world around her and constantly studying new things and what seems like she is wanting to figure out how things work. If she is anything like her daddy, she will get to the point in taking things apart but hopefully she'll know how to put it back together, haha.

Her sleep digression hasn't improved but it is partially our fault as well for not maintaining our bedtime routine after our vacation. I have to be consistent and get that back going before expecting her to sleep better at night. 

Her first little tooth started to poke through and you can feel the roughness at the gums but still cannot see it. 

We have also started teaching Sophia sign language in the last month. Right now we are focusing on teaching her to sign "eat" "more" and "all done" and so far she just yells as soon as we sign any of those with the verbal word as if she is saying just feed me woman! haha. I plan to also introduce the sign for "milk" so we can eventually tell the difference for when she wants table food or a nursing session.

Speaking of, we have gone NINE whole months of exclusive breastfeeding. I remember during pregnancy I was hoping to just make it to a year of breastfeeding but honestly if your willing to, there isn't a need to hope, just do it. Granted there are some mothers with problems such as nursing strikes or low supply (which is not as often as everyone makes it seem) or some other issue but it is possible. If you are having any issues, please PLEASE reach out to a lacatiaion consultant or for simple questions, I am willing to help as much as possible and where I can and can point you in the direction you may need to go.

We love you more than we could every express and are so proud of the little baby girl you are. You are so smart and so adventrous and curious. I hope those characteristics stay with you as you grow older. I tell you every month month but I hope there is never a day in your life that you doubt how loved you are and most importantly I pray you rely on the Lord's love as His is everlasting. You have taught us so much these past nine months. We love you stinkbutt.

Nine Month Stats
Weight: 16 lbs 2.6 oz
Height: 27.09 inches
 Head Circumference: 17

Bath without infant bath support
Walking holding onto her stroller and walkers
Bottom Middle Left Tooth started coming through 9/4/2016

First Foods
Sucked on a turkey bone
Ground beef

Possibly saying "baba" for Babcia
Possibly saying "moe" for more food

Banging her toys

Bassinet/Pack 'n' Play
Her nose being wiped
Waiting to eat
Being told "No"
Toys being taken away
Having anything on her head

What I Want to Remember
How she pats Mommy in the morning to play
Her giggles
Wakes up in good moods in the Morning

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Eight Month Update | Little Love

Time is moving way too fast, as I say every month. Babygirl is already eight months old and I have started the planning process of her first birthday party, just the details such as what I want to serve, decorations I want to make, pricing for cake, etc. I get overwhelmed thinking how in a few short months my baby will be a year old and it is certainly bittersweet.

Although, this month in particular has been very difficult (as you can tell from our photoshoot, haha). Since coming back home from our first family vacation to New York, Sophia has digressed tremendously. She has been back in the bed with us and waking up multiple times through out the night. It has been tough but I wouldn't change it.

You are growing too quickly and I wish I could freeze time so you could stay little a little while longer. I love you more than you will ever know and I hope you never forget that. You will always be my baby no matter if you eight months old, eight years old or eighty years old, my baby you always will be.

Eight Month Stats
Weight: ???
Height: ???
 Head Circumference: ???

plane ride
subway ride
Trip to NY & NJ
sit from the standing position
sit from the crawling position
said "Mama"

First Foods
Yellow Bell Pepper
Whipped Cream
Brazilian Mashed Potato

Playing with blocks

Being left out of stuff

What I Want to Remember
her sweet gummy smile
"mama" cry
always wanting to be with mama
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