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Monday, October 23, 2017

Bump Date | 39 Weeks with Baby No. Two

Bump Date | 39 Weeks with Baby No. Two

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives while noticing the differences and similarities with our first pregnancy. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

We made it to 39 weeks which if you actually calculated my pregnancy based on my last period I would technically be 40 weeks but my doctor calculated my pregnancy based on the size of the baby at my first appointment. However, due dates are a mere estimation and can be off by about two weeks so I could even be 41 weeks. Nevertheless, we are still waiting on baby boy. We did have our weekly appointment earlier this week and I was still 3CM dilated and blood pressure is still doing good. Baby boy's heart rate was a strong 142 and my doctor said he felt higher up, I guess he is as snug as a bug which I don't doubt with how much he balls up into my left ribs. I am still have Braxton Hicks randomly that I really think I'm going to think my body is crying wolf when real labor actually starts.

Another thought to cross my mind while we wait on our little guy is what if I am that 5% or whatever of women who actually go into labor on their due date. Of course, no matter how anxious we are for baby boy to make his arrival, we trust in the Lord's timing and are just happy we have gotten this far without medical interventions. Here is to praying that baby boy won't be stubborn and cause us to have interventions because he is taking too long now though, haha.

More Bump Dates from this Pregnancy:
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Stormie Ramirez

Friday, October 20, 2017

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Everyday Nursing Bra

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Everyday Nursing Bra

The post was created in partnership with Kindred Bravely but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

In August, I shared my favorite breastfeeding essentials products that make breastfeeding easier on mom. Again, you don't actually need anything to breastfeed successfully besides milk making tissue in your breasts but those items I put together just make it easier during your breastfeeding journey. One of the items I touched on was, of course, a nursing bra but at that time I hadn't found the right everyday nursing bra. 

Therefore, I called to action on Instagram (be sure to follow me for day to day @stormieariel) for other nursing mommas to give me their suggestions and their favorite everyday nursing bra which landed me to Kindred Bravely. I was so excited when they agreed to work with me so I could review their nursing bras for you guys.

I was able to try out three of their products: the Simply Sublime Nursing Brathe Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free T-shirt Bra and the Lucille Nursing Nightgown & Maternity Lingerie. For this post, I am going to focus on the t-shirt bra and the sublime bra. I will go into more detail about the nursing nightgown when I discuss sleep bras.

Yupp, that's right. I am making a series about nursing bras because I really do think they make the most difference for breastfeeding moms compared to any other nursing product and I wish I would have had the resources to point me in the right direction of brands and styles of nursing bras I needed so I didn't waste money experimenting.

Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

I would highly suggest buying this bra as a maternity bra once your regular bras are no longer comfortable to wear (typically happens in the third trimester but every women's body is different). The sublime bra is made out of stretchy material so it does not dig into your rib cage but in fact expands with it allowing comfort. The cup area also expands as your boobs fluctuate especially those first few months after birth when your milk production is evening out. This bra truly is perfect for everyday wear for when you are just lounging around the house and it has enough support that you can wear it out and about as well and still remain comfortable.

Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free T-shirt Bra

This bra is described as a buttery-soft racerback and buttery-soft is spot on. I was shocked at how luxurious this bra felt in my hand but even more so when I actually put it on and wore it. I also really love the plunging neckline allowing you to wear this bra with all types of tops while still being able to nurse your little one easily. The Marvella truly is perfect to wear out and about as it offers plenty of support but it is still comfortable enough to wear all day around the house as well.

So I must admit guys, it was hard figuring out how best to share these amazing bras with you without feeling overexposed and remaining modest especially sharing my bare belly. I mentioned in my 37 week pregnancy update that I was trying to embrace all these new stretch marks that this second pregnancy has brought on and while some days I still struggle with the sight of them, I am so glad I was brave enough to embrace this beautiful bump of mine and captured it on camera so I can always remember the miracle of life that is growing inside of me. What makes you brave?

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Stormie Ramirez

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Transition Fashion Tips

Fall Transition Fashion Tips

The post was created in partnership with PinkBlush Maternity but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

As many of you my know, I live in Texas and as I mentioned in my Surviving a Summer Pregnancy post, we do not have seasons really. We are stuck in summer year around with a few nice days in between therefore I thought I would share some tips on dressing for Fall without dying of a heat stroke.

Warm Tones

The easiest way is to showcase fall in your wardrobe is to pair warmer tones together such as olive, burgundy, cognac, black, grey, etc. In this look, I pulled together three of these warmer tones: black, olive and cognac.  

Lightweight Material

This PinkBlush dress has the perfect amount of thickness to it that it isn't sheer but it isn't too thick that you are sweating crazy especially since I paired it with a utility vest. Again, by wearing a vest instead of a utility jacket, I still get to have a layered fall look but I am keeping my layers lightweight.


Wearing the right shoes can determine the look of your outfit and although I am wearing sandals which is traditionally a summer/spring staple, it works with this outfit since they are cognac. At least in my opinion they work; besides I am pregnant and they are what fits so whateves, haha. You could easily pair this outfit with open toe booties to make it more fall "appropriate."

By the way, I am absolutely in love with this maternity dress, I even plan to switch it out as my coming home dress in my hospital bag. It is extremely soft and so flattering and I am loving that it is nursing friendly so it will be transitioning with me postpartum. And because it is a neutral colored dress, it can transition with me to all seasons giving me even more bang for my buck.

Shop this Look:
Dress: c/o Pink Blush (exact - wearing Small)
Utility Vest: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Old Navy

What are you fall fashion tips if you live in a warmer area?

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Stormie Ramirez

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