Friday, August 18, 2017

Nursing Twins through Challenges | Brittany's Journey

Last week, I shared simple ways to increase your chances of being successful at breastfeeding however even then there are still roadblocks that may come up in your breastfeeding journey. Today, I asked Brittany to share her breastfeeding journey with her twin daughters and she knows all about those roadblocks but she got the proper help and support she needed and persevered. Read more below to hear the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

We were sitting in Barnes and Noble drinking our coffees from the Starbucks inside, his regular and mine decaf because I was 30 weeks pregnant, reading books we picked out to skim over while we drank them. This was a common date for Erik and me. Inexpensive, quiet. He was reading something about an athlete and I was reading The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins. “Oh my gosh, Erik! Did you know that colostrum coats the baby’s intestines so they’re less likely to develop common illnesses most babies face? RSV, ear infections, etc?!” I was so mind blown. “That alone makes me want to breastfeed,” I said to him.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Baby Girl Nursery | Sources

I am finally back with the sources for Sophia's Nursery since I got antsy and wanted to share the room as soon as possible, haha. I am absolutely thrilled with how this little girl's nursery turned out but it wouldn't have been possible without all the wonderful gifts and monetary gifts from our loving friends and family. Their generosity over the last year or so is what made this room possible!

I tried to source everything as much as possible but there were certain things I just couldn't find the exact link to or I wasn't satisfied with any similar items. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments and I will respond as soon as I can. And please feel free to pin and share this room on your social media, we are so proud of how it turned out!

 Crib | Amazon
Crib Sheets | Amazon
Kites | DIY
Quilt | Etsy
Corner Shelves | Target
Pink Vase | Hobby Lobby (similar)
Mermaid Statue | Hobby Lobby
Rainbow Stacker | Amazon

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bump Date | 29 Weeks with Baby No. Two

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives while noticing the differences and similarities with our first pregnancy. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

To think it wasn't possible for me to get more tired and uncomfortable. This week was definitely a rough week where I wanted to (and did) stay in bed majority of the day. I am still trying to follow my previous pregnancy bedtime routine and it helps some and as I mentioned in my 28 Week Update, I did try 30 minutes of Yoga and that did help tremendously on that day. I was very sore in the groin area the next day so I took it easy and skipped Yoga for two days as I was told you can still over due it even if it's just simple stretching. Despite my discomfort and exhaustion, I love feeling all these kicks and movements from baby boy. Although I have to pee a billion times a day and sometimes I feel like a boulder is sitting on my lungs, his kicks remind me that he is there and growing stronger.

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