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Monday, June 20, 2016

Nursery | Dresser & Shelves

Back in January I shared a small update of Little Love's nursery showcasing her crib and bedding and a few weeks ago, I shared a tutorial for the fabric kites hanging above Sophia's crib. I decided it was time for another update so today I am sharing all about the craigslist dresser I've talked about a few times and the pros and cons of our corner shelves.

Most bloggers rave how they were able to find a French provincial dresser for such a low price in a thrift store or on craigslist. While I would love to say I was able to do the same and only spend $50 or so on such a great vintage piece, I can't. I've read all types of Craigslist tips and tricks and most of them come down to being patient and persistent and you'll eventually come across a great piece for a great price. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY Vintage Fabric Kites

So I know I am going at a snails pace with Little Love's Nursery Design but I just haven't put enough effort to get it completed since she is still in the room with us. I know I do need to get the ball rolling though, the last you guys all saw I finally cleaned up the room and had the crib and bedding perfectly styled. Since then, we found a beautiful vintage dresser that needs a makeover, added a large (unusual) "art" to the wall and I finally hung the kites I made months and months ago. I'll eventually get to sharing the other stuff but today I wanted to share a tutorial on how I made these kites for her room.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nursery | Crib & Bedding

If you follow me on Instagram, you know the nursery is a bit of a mess since it is hosting all of our baby shower decorations and such. Despite that, we were able to make a little progress with setting up the crib and styling it with Little Love's bedding.

I don't know about you other mommas out there but just having this set up makes it all the more real. I love passing by her room and seeing the crib, I daydream of what it will be like for her to finally be here. Anthony and I will even go in the room some evenings and just sit on the floor and chat. It also makes me excited that my vision for this room is coming together.

The quilt was a custom order from Ink and Thread Quilts. Melinda was a pleasure to work with and the quilt came out better than I could have imagined. I sent in my inspiration picture and she went straight to work sending me updates and finalizing fabric color decisions. 

Does this pillow look familiar to you?

It was apart of the original guest bedroom design and we were lucky enough that it also fits into Little Love's nursery design. The colors match perfectly with the colors in our quilt. We purchased it from Touchee FeeleeEuodia, the shop owner, was inspired by the scales of a salmon fish when she created this design and she did a wonderful job.

Originally we wanted one of those really large giraffes for Little Love's room but those are quite expensive so when we saw this giraffe on sale at Hobby lobby we picked it up immediately as our very first purchase for Little Love. 

It also has sentimental meeting since it is a TY beanie baby. As a kid my grandmother would always gift me with one for all occasions. I actually have my collection in the attic and plan to go through some of them to hand down to Little Love.

So it may not be much progress but at least we have something done. I am currently working on a DIY art project that will be displayed above the crib [UPDATE: fabric kite tutorial here] and again if you follow me on Instagram, you already got a peek as to what is is I am working on. You can also look for my #littlelovesnursery on Instagram for live updates.

Crib | Amazon
Crib Sheet | Amazon
Giraffe | Amazon
Fish Scale Pillow | Touchee Feelee
Geometric Quilt | Ink And Thread Quilts 

Catch Up Here:

Monday, December 28, 2015

Nursery | Design Plans

I actually managed to find time to share our design plans with you all. But let's start with a refresher, the secondary bedroom went from dumping ground to in progress guest bedroom:

We never got to reveal the room as the guest bedroom as it was never complete by time we found out about little love. And after our flood disaster and renovation (yeah, fun times), we sold all the guest room furniture and will now follow this layout once we get all the pieces in.

Our inspiration for the design of the room is based on this gorgeous quilt.
via What I Wore
We will also be adding in little touches from these amazing nurseries.
As you can see, the room is set to be pretty neutral with pops of color throughout. I cannot wait to have this room complete and more importantly to have Little Love here. I will leave you all with a little sneak peek of what I am working on and our anchor piece.

Sharing this at Remodelaholic.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nursery | The Inspiration

As you may have guessed, with Little Love on the way our next home project will be converting the unfinished guest bedroom into a nursery. The last time you heard about this room, I shared my plans of the layout for the room as a guest room, however, the layout will be completely different as will the design, obviously. For a refresher, here is the floor plan I am working with.
Unless you follow me on Instagram, you may be unaware that we had a little flood issue and when I say little I mean huge. All the floors and most baseboards had to be replaced in our entire house, the only area that was not affected was the master suite, THANK GOD. Living through a renovation while pregnant and raising puppies (our female lab had 5 adorable puppies, you can watch videos of their cuteness on my YouTube channel, anyways,) is no fun to say the least.


We basically got to remodel our house and choose new floorings throughout the house, fresh paint on all the walls and baseboards (except the master suite). Shortly after our disaster, we also sold everything from the guest bedroom so Little Love's room is a blank slate for us.

The color we chose for the walls, is a very soft subtle pink.
BEHR My Sweetheart
On my computer screen, this color looks more on the beige/tan side but I promise it's pink. At least in our house and lighting, its pink. When we first found out about Little Love, I did NOT want to do the typical pink for a girl or blue for a boy type of thing. I wanted the room to be colorful to help stimulate the baby's interest and eyesight. The very first image I fell across, I fell in love and knew this would be the inspiration for our baby's room no matter the gender.

What I Wore
I loved how the neutral grays and white played so beautifully with all the colors. However, the quilt stood out the most and I immediately began looking for the source which Jessica from What I Wore revealed she made the quilt herself in her Nursery Plans post. I am not any where near that talented so I began my search of finding someone to make one similar for us. At this point, I wanted the binding and backing of our quilt to be blue for a boy and pink for a girl so we waited until our Gender Reveal before I finally submitted a custom order to Melinda at Ink And Thread Quilts. Which our quilt has the pink binding and backing since Little Love is a little girl (ehh I still can't believe, in approx. 3 months I will be momma to a little girl). And that's also when I chose pink for the walls. Once we found out, I couldn't help having the image of having soft pink walls in the nursery.

As of now, we are still waiting on the arrival of our quilt so the room is still bare with the crib mattress on the floor. I hope to have at least the crib area set up before our babyshower at the end of January and depending on what we receive from our registry have the entire nursery finished before March as Little Love is due at the end of March. If time allows, I will share more details of our plans for the nursery before then.
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