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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Guide for Him | $40 & UNDER

So guys, I normally have all my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped but not this year. I am so behind mostly due to budget but also to timing. And I suck at gifting Anthony because I always give it away. I gave him his Father's Day present early. I was suppose to surprise him with a date night for his birthday but told him at lunch that we were going out baby-free that evening. So, its kinda good that I haven't gone shopping for him yet so I don't ruin it, haha.

Without my gift ruining, I am at a lost of what to give him as we don't have much money to spend and whatever I do spend, I don't want it to be something that is just eh, you know? I have been peeping other's gift guides for him but why does every one else have gifts that are super expensive or that are so fancy like cuff links, like my guy likes video games, music and I need ideas along those lines.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Gift Guide | Father's Day Craft Ideas

Hi guys! How was ya'lls weekend? Ours was pretty relaxed, I went for my hour massage on Saturday and boy was it AMAZING!! Definitely what this mama needed. And on Sunday Anthony's parents came to visit. 

If you were around on Friday than you might have came across my Father's Day Gift Guide; well today I am sharing a roundup of Father's Day craft ideas. I only included two crafts involving hand/foot prints because while I worked in childcare some parents really didn't appreciate another hand/foot print craft. Although I personally think, they show a child's growth throughout a single year and all the years to come and I really believe these types of crafts will be treasured so dearly when that little babe or toddler is off to college or starting a family of their own. So keep that in mind if your hesitant to do crafts involving prints and maybe slip a note stating my above statement in your own way.

I unfortunately couldn't find the original source for this sweet photo but when I ran across it on Pinterest, I fell in love. First, because the photo is so adorable and made me get a lump in my throat. Secondly, Anthony and I use to play scrabble with his dad and brother when we would go visit his family and from day to day Anthony and I play Words with Friends so I think this type of picture craft would mean so much.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Gift Guide | Father's Day

Hey guys! Another week flew by before our eyes yet again but I'm not complaining!! We don't have much planned besides my birthday massage tomorrow; my sister gave me the certificate on my actual birthday back in April but can you believe the place was booked when I called and this was the soonest they could get me in but better late than never.

With Father's Day fastly approaching us (its next week guys!), I put together a little gift guide for those daddies in your life. I was originally gonna subtitle it "for the young daddy" but there are older men who still play video games and enjoy comfy sporty clothes so I added the "in heart" part. While putting this together, I sneakily asked Anthony to choose things he would want "just" for my blog you know.
Column One | 1 | 2
Column Two | 1 | 2 | 3

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gift Guide | Mother's Day

This post is sponsored by ModCloth 
but all opinions and ideas are my own. 

When considering what to buy the mother in your life a gift, be sure the gift is truly for her. What I mean is that new kitchen appliance she has mentioned wanting is nice and it's what she wants but she wants it to provide yummies for you. What she needs is a nice refresher for her soul, to remind her that she is her. A person. She is not just so and so's mom. So when picking out a gift, pick one that speaks to her as a person.

Treat her to a relaxed spa day. Watch the kids and allow her to enjoy a manicure and pedicure and a haircut without the worry of the baby crying or little Jimmy and Jill fighting over a chair. It'll be so nice and refreshing for her to truly focus on herself.

Spoil your mama with some jewelry. A small pair of studs are so simple yet timeless (and she doesn't have to worry about baby Charlie pulling them out her ears).

Gift her with the latest trendy clutch to keep her in style because let's get real we would love to carry something else besides a diaper bag all the time!

Heck do all three and than send her to lunch with her best gal friends while you hubbies watch the kiddos so they can have actual girl time without having to direct a circus.

And most importantly, make the mama in your life feel appreciated and loved (even more so than you already do) for all she has sacrificed for your family.

What do you plan on getting for the special mama in your life?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gift Guide | Teacher Appreciation

With Teacher Appreciation Week quickly approaching, I thought I would give ya'll the inside scoop of what types of gifts teachers are sure to appreciate and remember your kiddos by. These gifts are nothing fancy and most are quick and easy plus they are inexpensive.

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These are so cute and easy to put together. You can also get really creative to make it more fitting for your favorite teacher. Stuff the cup with candy, pens, post-its, a gift card to the teacher's favorite store, the possibilities are really endless. To make it even more unique, get the tumbler monogrammed with the teachers name or initials and maybe get it in their favorite color!

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers especially fresh flowers in a cute and creative vase. I have received flowers in a vintage milk jug, a ladybug vase, a mason jar with a jute bow; just be creative and remember it doesn't have to be extravagant!

Tip: Add a small picture of your child to the tag.

Clip Boards

I have received three personalized clip boards and they never get old! I love the thought and care each clip board has. Whether you DIY one or order one off Etsy, the teacher is sure to love it!

Tip: If you decide on the DIY route, be sure to put a finishing/protective coat after you are finished. One of the clipboards I received didn't have a protective layer so it got a little messed up.

EOS Lip Balm

I never knew what was so special about these lip balms and probably would have never owned one if I wasn't gifted with it. I loved the cute little printable that I received with the lip balm. It really made the gift so cute and much more special than just receiving the balm itself.

Tip: Have your child sign their name to make it more personal.

If you are/were a teacher, what is/was your favorite gift to receive? What made it memorable?

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