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Monday, June 15, 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide

Well hello, its me again. So soon ya'll may come to expect me to be a consistent blogger, haha. I was inspired last night as I was ordering Anthony's father day presents. I found out about this Chimney Charcoal Starter thing a few months ago from Preston Perry so I knew it was something I wanted to get for Anthony. I just never bit the bullet and as father's day is approaching and seeing influencers share their gift guides it reminded me to order his present and I knew immediately I would be ordering a Chimney Charcoal Starter. There I am ordering this cool contraption thing and I had the thought to share on my IG stories with you all in case you never heard of it either and that's how my thought process came to putting together a quick gift guide with presents Anthony has truly enjoyed. I will still share each of the items in my stories so be sure to head there to see them "in person," I will be sure to have a highlight saved in case you run across this post after the 24 hours.

Mini Kreg Jig Kit
With social distancing happening across the country, those honey to do lists are able to finally get completed. This jig helps hide screws to give woodworking a more "professional" look so to speak and with getting the mini you aren't having to fork out an investment. Obviously it doesn't work as fast as the K5 would BUT if you never used a Kreg jig to begin with, you wouldn't know the difference. It's a great stepping stone to taking your woodworking up a notch without the major pricetag. 

If anything was a must have item, it is definitely this speaker. I bought this during Christmas for Anthony and it is the most used item I have ever bought him. He uses it in the shower, while out in the garage, when we had friends over, at the beach, etc. It's a pricer item compared to the others I am sharing but it is worth it. 

I tried buying Anthony one of those sunrise clocks after our old school one broke but he was not impressed so when I saw the Echo Dot had a version with a digital clock on it I knew we had to have it. I love how we can easily see the clock without having to ask Alexa what time it is but we can also ask her to set his alarm without getting up and fiddling with it (we are so spoiled, I know). And I enjoy that she can play my podcasts for me as I am fixing my bed in the mornings or can play music for us at night while playing video games and hanging out.

This is the gift I am getting him this year, I told him about it when I first heard of it and he thought it was neat as well so it won't be a total surprise but I know he will enjoy having a faster way to light the charcoal and also using less chemicals. I don't know about ya'll but I have always been skeptical about lighter fluid and glad there is a device that allows you to bypass that. Along with this I also got him a cover for his barbeque pit as we recently bought him a new one since we gave away his old one when we sold our last house. I wanted to be sure we took better care of this pit compared to the other so this is the one I ordered in case you are in need of one as well.

We swear by Yeti after we purchased our first one almost two years ago. I have only had one other brand of tumblers so I don't have much comparison however it was that big of a difference I don't want to try others. My ice stays as ice overnight so my water in the morning is still cold. We even took our Yeti tumbler to the beach and left it in the car so we would have fresh cold water once we were heading home and the ice was still in there. We have been sharing the one Yeti but I am not great at sharing so we got Anthony his own and he loves it. It's great for keeping his water cold overnight as well but also his mix drinks cold without completely watering it down allowing him to sip on it over time.

And in case you are more DIY savy or just prefer more personal gift giving, I created this frame for Anthony for his first Father's Day and he loved it. We now have it apart of Sophia's gallery wall in her room but it was made with him in mind. This would look great on daddy's nightstand or at his office. You can find my tutorial here.

Now personally I love blogs when bloggers share their life before handing me links to buy stuff or getting to their tutorial for whatever. It helps build a "relationship" so to speak but I have heard that others do not enjoy the story time before content and just prefer getting to the point. I'm curious to know which are you?

Also, if you found this post helpful or know someone who would, please share it! I have made this pinnable image below to make it easier to pin and share!!
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