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Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby Girl Nursery | Dresser & Shelves

Back in January I shared a small update of Little Love's nursery showcasing her crib and bedding and a few weeks ago, I shared a tutorial for the fabric kites hanging above Sophia's crib. I decided it was time for another update so today I am sharing all about the craigslist dresser I've talked about a few times and the pros and cons of our corner shelves.

Most bloggers rave how they were able to find a French provincial dresser for such a low price in a thrift store or on craigslist. While I would love to say I was able to do the same and only spend $50 or so on such a great vintage piece, I can't. I've read all types of Craigslist tips and tricks and most of them come down to being patient and persistent and you'll eventually come across a great piece for a great price. 

I didn't have that happy ending.

I persistently stalked Craigslist for about two years searching for THE dresser of my dreams and at least in the Houston area most go for about $300+ and while I am in no rush to bite the bullet for my bedroom, I needed a dresser for the nursery since it holds the changing pad. I personally think a changing table is a waste of space and money when I dresser can do the same thing and grow with your child.

Anyways, I know I can go spend about the same for a brand new, never used dresser as most of my family members kept reminding me BUT they don't make dressers like that use to. If you forget about the design aspect I was looking for, I also wanted a solid wood dresser. Nowadays, dressers are not solid wood and to be sure a dresser will not fall on your child (read more about that here), you'd need to anchor it to the wall. If you do buy an actual solid wood dresser, those are nearly $1,000 but again they do not have the design I specifically like and wanted so I decided to buy a used $300 french provincial dresser. Technically, I used the cash/checks we received at the babyshower so we didn't actually purchase the dresser, it was a gift. Either way it goes, I am loving the dresser. I plan to eventually... possibly... paint the dresser and fix the chips and remove that Saints emblem (I know it's not really called that but it's what I think of).

In my Nursery design, I always planned to add shelving but with how the room is set up we decided corner shelving was our best option. I love the way it looks and think it fits perfectly in her room compared to regular shelving. I only have two problems, the shelves don't butt up to the wall completely but that is a wall issue not a shelving design issue and secondly there isn't much space. I initially wanted to store some stuff animals and books on them as well but there isn't room. I do plan to put a baby monitor to the bottom shelf alongside the rhino, I just have to figure out how to do so and conceal the cords. Overall, we are completely satisfied with this corner shelves and may add some more.

Crib | Amazon
Crib Sheet | Amazon
Giraffe | Amazon
Fish Scale Pillow | Touchee Feelee
Wooden rhino | 
Bumbo Floor Seat | Amazon 
Pink Vase | Hobby Lobby (similar)
Corner Shelf | Target
Dresser | Craigslist
Little Love Frame | Hobby Lobby
Globe | gift (similar)
Changing Pad | Amazon

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