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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1: Personality over Style

With the approaching days of my two year anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband, Anthony, I decided to do a mini-series sharing the things I love about him each day until April 2nd, our anniversary.
The first time I saw Anthony was my first day working at Brookshire Brothers as a cashier. (Anthony was the office manager there.) There was something about him that was attractive but I couldn't quite figure it out! He had such horrible taste in style and to me, at that time, style was everything. The way you dressed expressed who you were, if you had a nice swag than to me you were very good looking. Your sense of style is what made a dude look cute or not BUT Anthony did not have a sense of style what so ever!!
So why the heck did I find him attractive?!?
I still had no idea during the months of us getting to know each other. All I knew at the time was I looked foward to the days we were scheduled to work together and was bummed the days we did not.
This guy made me smile everytime we were together!
What's not to like about that? I began not to notice his bad wardrobe and just saw him. Who he was inside and that I was in love with him. Anthony always said the reason he did not focus on his style is because he wanted to prove that guys can attract girls with personalities alone. I don't know if he was serious or not and to this day I still don't. However, he did win me over by his personality.
I am so glad that he did too. I soon fell in love with his weird sense of style (and being able to help him out sometimes.)
I sit here and wonder how could I have been so shallow to think your style is what makes a person attractive. Just imagine if I would have married someone with amazing style but they had a personality that bites. It would have really sucked.
I am in love with a man who has the greatest personality in the world.
It is truly a blessing marrying my best friend. I am able to be silly with him all the time and just laugh our butts off at each other. It's amazing how I married the person I could not see myself with and now I could not see myself without him.
He is my other half and I know God had me in mind when He was creating Anthony.
Thank you for blessing me with the role as a wife. That my husband and I can be image bearers to your Son and the Church. I pray that we can be sanctified more and more each day you have us here on this beautiful earth. When people look at us all they see is Your love, that we can be the light to the people for Your glory. I also pray that I can show love and compassion to my husband all the days of our lives, that he can see Christ in me. That we draw near to you each day through the meditating of Your Word and constant prayer. And when our day comes for eternity, we can hear: "Well done good and faithful servant."

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! What a precious guy! So sweet to read here today. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


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