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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Family Vacation | New York

Hey guys! So today's post has been a long time coming. Like 9 months coming. About the time it takes to gestate a baby coming. Although I have a baby gestating as we speak, that's not what today's post is about. It's about our trip to New York... last Fall. 

In my defense, a lot has happened since we got back from our family vacation to New York. First there was the holidays then I started babysitting on top of planning my cousin's daughter's first birthday party, then I planned Sophia's first birthday party and that's about the time pregnancy took over my body and I haven't had much energy since, haha. I debated waiting to do our trip recap as one year anniversary reminisce type thing but I will be almost in labor at that point and will probably still never get around to it which is why it brings us to today.

I have always wanted to go to New York City, I mean who doesn't? But I have dreamed of it since I was a little girl. Especially going during Fashion Week. Mah gosh! Could you imagine?? Anyways, Anthony went on his senior trip but unfortunately that is when his stomach issues started and he was sick most of the trip so he didn't get to enjoy it. Since we have been together, he has dreamed of taking me so when we got an invitation to his cousin's wedding, who live in New Jersey, we knew we had to make it happen.

Where We Stayed

The wedding was set in Pearl River, New York which is at the Northern border of New Jersey and New York, so we decided to stay at the hotel the wedding would be at since we also got a discount for being a wedding guest and it allowed us more time to be with Anthony's cousins.

The Hilton Pearl River was such a beautiful venue for a wedding. It has a chateau style that was completely elegant and it had a countryside landscape. It was breathtaking to say the least.

Where we ate

We mostly ate at our hotel since they offered dining and in-room dining as well as ate what was catered during the wedding.  

When we went into the city of New York, we of course had to eat a slice of pizza and a random street vendor hot dog. I wish I would have wrote down the names of the exact places we stopped but according to Anthony all New York pizza and hot dog vendors taste about the same. I did, however, have Anthony capture me taking my first bite of a New York hot dog since I despise hot dogs and I must say I did enjoy it.

I love how Sophia is looking wondering if I was going to share any which I did not, haha.

What we did

I think the most obvious one is that we attended the wedding since that is why we made our trip but we also were invited to attend the rehearsal dinner the night before. 

 The morning of the wedding, we took the time to explore the hotel grounds which was stunning. I could so live in the North.

On our last full day in New York, we decided to explore none other than New York City. Anthony's cousin and aunt were sweet enough to drive us into Hoboken, New Jersey and from there, they were our tour guides and we utilized the subway systems and walking and sight seeing:

Central Park

 Time Square

Ground Zero

Hoboken Pier

Tips & Tricks

The biggest advice I can give for anyone traveling with littles is to baby-wear! It made it so much easier on us instead of worrying about using a stroller. I would also suggest learning different carries if you use a wrap (on this trip I am wearing a Lenny Lamb 100% Cotton Wrap, Size 6). My favorite ways of wearing Sophia while on this trip was a hip carry and Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) using a slipknot finish tied at the shoulder which allowed me to loosen or tighten the carry to make it easier to nurse Sophia without having to take her out of the wrap altogether. I utilized this carry on the plane ride and on our day trip to New York. The rest of the time, I alternated between a hip carry and a FWCC with a standard finish. We also used a backpack as a diaper bag which whoever wasn't on baby-wearing duty was in charge of wearing the backpack and taking photos.

The time we spent in New York definitely wasn't enough and I can not wait to make another trip in the future and, God-willing, it will be a much longer trip.

Have you ever traveled to New York? How long was your trip and what all were you able to squeeze in? Are you a baby-wearing fan? What is your favorite carrier/wrap?
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