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Showing posts with label Spiritual Growth. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Spiritual Growth. Show all posts

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Let’s Chat! | Growth During Struggles

Let’s Chat! | Growth During Struggles

If your new around here, you probably don’t know this but I’m not the typical blogger. I randomly take breaks from blogging because, well life happens. Real life. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging. I love writing. I love forming the connections I have made through this digital life but I have priorities. Or at least I try to because let’s me honest we all get sucked into the scrolling mindlessly through social media while life happens around you. However, I’m breaking that cycle. I won’t allow it to hold power over me anymore of having to see every single post ever posted by this person or that person or needing to know who is doing what at this moment in time.

Now hear me out, there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking in on your favorite blogger or social media influencer but when that profile or person gets the best of you instead of the people in your real life, in your home. There’s a problem. And that’s me. Hi, my name is Stormie and I am a social mediaholic. I love catching up with people on Instagram but I hate having phone conversations. I love posting and watching instastories but I’m actually an introvert and don’t like talking in person unless we are already close friends.

So this social media break has happened for quite a few reasons. The main reason was the Lord was speaking to me. I have always wondered when people would say “The Lord spoke to me” or I’m following the Lord’s command and I always wondered like how? Did you hear a big booming voice “Stormie get off social media” with an echo? Well no. It was subtle and over time. The Lord spoke to me through books I was reading, through people I was following on social media, conversations I was having in my bible study group, etc. There was a common theme being brought to my attention across all areas of my life and it felt so strong that I knew it was coming from the Lord.

Short back story, my husband was laid off (I spoke about it some here and here) and we were dealing with unemployment for 6+ months and now underemployment. Around the same time I’m hearing the Lord speak to me, Anthony and I both also feel the Lord telling us it was finally time to say goodbye to our house. In hindsight, we were wrestling with the Lord for months and months before this without realizing it (or wanting to realize) so when we did make the decision to list our house for sell, we were at such peace because we knew it was the Lord’s will.

So the time-frame for us to be out of the house lined up with the holidays which I thought taking the whole month of December off would be the best because one it would give us time to get all moved in and settled and secondly what perfect time to create a new rhythm and routine with my children. I was also planning to use this time to intentionally plan what my life would look like on social media and how I needed to create boundaries and balance my priorities on my spiritual life and my family life first.

But alas, the Lord had other plans and other familial obligations popped up that took majority of my attention in December and half of January. Now that things have slowed down on that front, I have been trying to find my way back to my initial mission. Getting the fire back in me of being intentional with my spiritual life and my kids. Creating a new rhythm and routine with a purpose. And eventually get back to blogging with a game plan.

As of right now, I have been checking in on Facebook and Instagram every so often but not being active much other then selling stuff on marketplace. I have felt I wanted to wait until I was in a good place in my spiritual life and my family life. It’s not to say my faith has been wavering, in fact it’s quiet the opposite.

During this last year and a half, this is the most dependent and closest I have felt to the Lord. I feel like when everything was going great, it was so easy to put God on the back burner and say a prayer here and there. Head to church on Sunday’s, attend bible study and go through the motions all while neglecting to ever open up my Bible. My God has shown me so much and has taught me so much in trusting in Him, leaning not on my own understanding when things aren’t going the way I planned. I try so hard to control so much out of fear and I have learned that’s not okay.

I’m not saying you should never make plans or goals, it’s great to plan but it’s also very important to remain flexible because we don’t have the whole picture. God does. And guess what. His plans are so far better for our lives then we could have ever imagined. The good and the bad.

Side story about the “bad”: I do not know the reason I had to grow up without my biological parents (in case your unaware, my parents died when I was really young and my aunt who I call mom raised me) but what I do know is I would not be the mother I am today to my children if it wasn’t for that significant lost in my life as a child. For that I am thankful that I am more in tune to the needs of my children. I am far from the perfect mother but I am proud of the mother I am. No one could ever take that confidence away from me. That confidence comes from the “bad hand” I was dealt and honestly, looking my children in their faces the way I do, there is not one thing I would change in my life that lead me to this point and that is thanks to God.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28 ESV

What is something you have felt the Lord speak to you lately? Do you try to plan or control your life out of fear? How has your childhood shaped you into the parent you are (or plan to be)?
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Change of Heart

Around this time of year, I think most believers start really thinking of where they were before Christ changed their hearts. Let me rephrase, I'm sure they think about it often but Good Friday probably puts a little more emphasis on the leading up to them being saved. I know it does for me.

I recently watched this clip by Jackie Hill Perry were she addresses Christians dealing with same-sex temptation. The point that stood out to me and convicted me the most was when she said:

"If God was to completely save you from 
homosexuality but not give you the power 
to walk by the spirit in everything, you'd still be a liar...
we are holistically in need of God in every area..."

It made me think of when I first started going to church on my own as an adult; the very first thing I changed was my cursing habit. I simply made a behavior modification to make myself feel better. I think this is something we as humans typically do by thinking we fixed a certain behavior in our life that said we are sinners, we are now okay with God. 

I stopped cursing yet I was still an adulterous (having sex outside of marriage), a coveter, a liar, etc. 

Instead of trying to focus on one sin in our lives, we need to focus on the root of all our sins: our heart.

But that change can only come from God and by the work that was done on the cross by Jesus Christ.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sovereign Over All

I was going through my coat closet stuff a few days ago since we are in the process of renovating it (blog post to follow once completed) and I found my outfit I wore to my mommy's funeral.

It reminded me of the day Michelle, my cousin, told me my mommy died after picking me up from Babcia's house. It got me thinking how hard it must have been for her to tell me that I lost another parent (I lost my father five years earlier when I was 3 turning 4) and I think of the kids I work with who are 4 and 5.

If I were to tell them their dad died than 5 years later their mom died, I would think they are in for a rough life with rebellion and most likely depression. Who wouldn't think that after what a child went through with experiencing death so young? But I didn't have to go through that thanks to God and His grace. He made my aunt brave enough to endure raising a potential problem child. I have so many values that she instilled in me. If it wasn't for God putting it in her heart to raise me, I can only imagine how much of a mess I would be in right now. 

God has a perfect plan and is sovereign overall. Do I wish I had my parents raising me? Of course! Who wouldn't however I now understand The Lord knew what he was doing. I may not have a complete understanding but I know going through that has helped shape me into the woman I am. It is helping shape me to be the mother I will one day be, God-willing.

I can joyfully give God all the glory for me not being bitter and depressed. It is because of Him that I have joy and I want to extend that grace to others for His glory.

Can you look back on a dark time in your life and now see God's hand in it all? Doesn't it give you great comfort that he is in control and we are not?
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Life is more than food

"For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:20

I was listening to this song called Beautiful by PRo and a verse in the song said "she eats and it ease the pain." This lyric reminded me of a time when I was younger; I was about 15 years old...
My mom and I were strongly disagreeing to where I was really upset to the point of tears. I hadn't ate dinner yet so when I got out my room to go to the kitchen, my mom began to tell me I couldn't eat; I remember so clearly that I yelled at her saying she wanted to starve me. She replied with no, it wasn't good to eat when your upset because you could get sick.

Well I never understood her and always thought she was just being mean at the time. However, I've realized it wasn't about her being mean, it was about my mom helping me not to become an emotional eater.

As an adult I have never struggled with this issue as an emotional eater that so many women are faced with daily. Even though I am not faced with being an emotional eater, I do struggle with over eating. I have to eat the last bite or if the dessert looks good I have to try it. But I don't really have to.
So how do I deal with this? I must learn to "discipline my body and keep it under control..." (1 Corinthians 9:27) in all areas. But most importantly I must repent and seek God's counsel.

Father God,
I pray that you continue to show me my sins. That I may turn away from them and look towards You and Your perfect Son Jesus. That I will strive to mirror His image not only in my own life but in my marriage. I will shine my light so bright before man that You will be glorified as Matthew 5:16 stated.

In Jesus' Name.
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