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Friday, April 18, 2014

Change of Heart

Around this time of year, I think most believers start really thinking of where they were before Christ changed their hearts. Let me rephrase, I'm sure they think about it often but Good Friday probably puts a little more emphasis on the leading up to them being saved. I know it does for me.

I recently watched this clip by Jackie Hill Perry were she addresses Christians dealing with same-sex temptation. The point that stood out to me and convicted me the most was when she said:

"If God was to completely save you from 
homosexuality but not give you the power 
to walk by the spirit in everything, you'd still be a liar...
we are holistically in need of God in every area..."

It made me think of when I first started going to church on my own as an adult; the very first thing I changed was my cursing habit. I simply made a behavior modification to make myself feel better. I think this is something we as humans typically do by thinking we fixed a certain behavior in our life that said we are sinners, we are now okay with God. 

I stopped cursing yet I was still an adulterous (having sex outside of marriage), a coveter, a liar, etc. 

Instead of trying to focus on one sin in our lives, we need to focus on the root of all our sins: our heart.

But that change can only come from God and by the work that was done on the cross by Jesus Christ.
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