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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

30 with Thirty

Have you ever had a moment where you stare in your closet and there are a million and one items in it, yet you have nothing to wear? This happens to me every time I look for an outfit to wear.

So, there I am at work scrolling down my Instagram feed and I see Kate, from The Small Things Blog, posted a picture with the caption "Trying desperately to gather items for another round of 30 in 30.."

What the heck is a 30 in 30? And what does that have to do with clothing?

Well, I went to Kate's blog in search for further clarification. In her post about the 30x30 challenge, she explains what it is as follows:

"Basically, they take 30 items from their closet 
and make 30 outfits from them. It's a way to 
challenge yourself to be creative and rethink 
your wardrobe while trying to avoid shopping."

Even though, Kate challenged her readers two years ago I want to take the challenge now. My hope in taking this challenge is having two things accomplished. The first to avoid shopping. I am halfway through my weight loss and want to wait to spend money on a new wardrobe when I reach my goal weight. The second is to take inventory of what I actually wear. With this, I can see what items I wear the most and which barely get touched. It will help me determine when it is time to donate an item that isn't getting much use.

So here is the lineup for my first 30 with Thirty:

1. Old Navy / 2. Old Navy / 3. Old Navy / 4. Banana Republic / 5. Old Navy / 6. American Eagle / 7. Levi's / 8. American Eagle

1. Soprano / 2. LC by Lauren Conrad / 3. Charlotte Russe

BD Boutique, LLC.

1. Sperry / 2. Toms / 3. Fergalicious / 4. Academy / 5. Academy / 6. Charlotte Russe / 7. Academy

1. Aeropostale / 2. American Eagle / 3. American Eagle / 4. Old Navy / 5. Old Navy / 6. LC by Lauren Conrad / 7. Spense / 8. Old Navy / 9. Old Navy / 10. American Eagle / 11. American Eagle

I plan to tackle this challenge in about 15 weeks, about two outfits a week. I will try to give weekly updates with pictures of the outfits I create with these 30 items. Wish me luck!!

Have you taken the 30 with Thirty challenge? If you haven't, do you plan to take on this challenge with me? I dare you to!
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