Thursday, May 29, 2014

Health & Fitness

In adolescence, I was always skinny. I never had to worry about eating right or working out. My mom warned me that it would one day catch up with me but I was in denial. I'll just start working out when I'm older. Yeah....riiight. 

Between my 18th and 19th birthday, I gained 20 pounds. I felt comfortable the size I was so I didn't make any dietary changes nor did I workout except once. Seriously. By the time I was 20, I gained another 10 pounds. I felt fat and I had fat therefore I started a diet and signed up for a gym membership. I lost 10 pounds and was proud of myself. I still worked out and hired a personal trainer for a month but I stopped my diet and ate whatever I felt like.

Hard times came. Gym membership cancelled. 20 more pounds gained. 

When I saw that number, 176, on the scale. I was mad at myself, how did I let myself get this big. Still nothing changed. I would constantly battle with myself loosing 5 pounds here and there and gaining the 5 pounds back.

I don't know what clicked but it just did. It could have been a ton of stuff I was going through at the time or it could have been nothing at all. I don't know. I just know I was determined to get healthy.

I changed my eating habits dramatically. I cut out all drinks except water. I started this journey in November 2013 and was drinking 4 water bottles a day with this eating plan:

Breakfast- cereal Bar & a banana 
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- chicken, brown rice and veggies

Breakfast- cereal bar and a banana
Lunch- leftovers from dinner the previous night.
Dinner- tuna and cucumbers

Breakfast- cereal bar and a banana
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- chicken, brown rice and veggies

Breakfast- cereal bar and a banana
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- tuna and cucumbers

Breakfast- cereal bar and a banana
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- whatever we had but in moderation

Saturday & Sunday:
Whatever we had but in moderation.

The workout we chose is silly but it worked for me. We played Just Dance for an hour and I would wear a sweat belt around my waist. Since it was winter the heater would be on to ensure I sweated a lot. 

By January 2014, I lost 16 pounds and 7.5 inches around my body. I felt amazing but was terrified. I was scared of gaining it back after working so hard. I kept on track with my eating habits, I only took a two week break but was sure to eat whatever I did in moderation. However, I was getting bored with Just Dance so I wanted to try Insanity.

We borrowed it from my sister and tried it out for about two weeks but I have a bad knee from track so a lot of the stuff I wasn't able to do. I stopped working out and wasn't as strict on my meals but I only ate in moderation. I was able to maintain my weight and in April I got back on track with my meal plan following it 80% of the time and I decided to do the squat challenge 

I was hoping the challenge would help strengthen my knee while toning my booty. I also did leg raises.

I completely took out cardio to see if it would boost my weight loss the next month when I added it back in.

By mid-April, I lost another 4 pounds totaling weight loss to 20 and I lost an inch off my waist. In May, I tried alternating running and Insanity but I still wasn't feeling it so I kept to running alone so I wasn't able to determine if taking out cardio for a month benefitted. I started the Nike+ 5K Program for beginners which is an 8 week plan and I am now on week 4. I have been following my meal plan 70% with some alterations these past 4 weeks and have been maintaining my weight loss and measurements. 

Now, I have created a new meal plan for myself and I will be adding light weight training to my workout plan which will go into effect next week along with my running (more on all this in another post).

I wasn't planning on sharing this process so my current progress pictures are private. I will be sure to start taking progress pictures with more covering so I may share it as I tackle these last 15-20 pounds. 

Highest weight: 176
Current weight: 156
Goal weight: 130s
Height: 5'2 I think.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

30x30 Week 7

I got back on track to participate in my own challenge inspired by the small things blog. Although, I have a confession. I bought a new pair of white shorts. I didn't have to buy them. My Old Navy white pair are still in good condition. I just really really wanted a pair of lace shorts. Other than that, I have been doing pretty good!

Top: Old Navy / Necklace: BD Boutique / Bottoms: Kimmy's / Shoes: Academy

Top: Old Navy / Bottoms: Old Navy / Shoes: Academy

Sunday, May 18, 2014

30x30 Week 4

So I have gotten behind on my own challenge. I participated in week four, I just never got around to writing a post since I was busy with finals week. Here is week four recap:

Left - Top: American Eagle / Bottom: Old Navy / Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Right - Dress: Soprano / Shoes: Academy

I didn't fully participate for week five or six since I was enjoying some some new clothing that were birthday gifts. Let's see how week seven goes!!
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