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Monday, April 13, 2015

My Desk Hunting Adventure

A few summers ago, I took some classes online and I loved the flexibility of it but I hated not having a designated space to work. I would often find myself working at our old dining room table and let me tell you sitting at a metal chair for 5+ hours almost 7 days a week was painful, literally. I had really bad back pain even after the classes ended so when we bought our new house, I knew I had to make an office space somewhere.

Originally, the office space was going to be apart of the guest bedroom but we had my sister living with us at the time so we decided to create a temporary office space in our bedroom.

The last time, we bought an office desk it was very bulky (think old school teacher desk) and it took up an entire room the brief time we had it but this time around I wanted something slim that wouldn't take up very much room.

I started my hunt in Old Katy and walked into every single antique store. There was one desk that I really liked at the first store I entered but it wasn't in the price range I was hoping for so I decided to continue looking and if nothing came up, I would talk to hubby about purchasing that one. Most of the antique stores didn't even carry a desk or anything that can could be used as a desk and if they did carry a desk, the price was way way out of my price range. I consulted Anthony about the first desk and he was on board to purchase it but I didn't feel comfortable spending that amount on a desk that I didn't outright love so I went home empty-handed.

I than began searching all over Craigslist and sure enough, I found it: the perfect desk for the perfect price. The person however lived on the other side of Houston but we agreed to meet in Downtown before traffic started so off we went. We arrived at the meet spot and I called the person and they were not anywhere close to arriving so we decided to go further north to meet up with them and that is how I ended up in the middle of the hood in North Houston without knowing it.

There was an old man popping a wheely on his wheelchair, another dude looking like he just walked out of Fresh Prince, and the same man in the wheelchair got up and walked perfectly fine to get a coin out the middle of the street and returned to his wheelchair popping more wheelies. I have been in the hood before but never in the North so it was all new to me and after living in Katy for 4+ years, you get used to the security to say the least.

It was quite the adventure but I am glad with what I ended up with and it fit the space I hoped for it to go in perfectly.

I mentioned before that this set up would be temporary but I love how it the set up feels in our room so this will be the permanent place for my office space (at least for now).

These pictures were taken way before we hung the curtains so here is a more recent picture that I shared on instagram a few weeks ago.

Do you have an office area or an office room? Have you ever landed anywhere sketchy for a craigslist find? 
Chair / At Home
Desk / Craigslist
Computer / Dell
Curtains / World Market
Pillow / PillowTimeGirls
Throw / Bath & Body Works (no longer available) / Similar

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Stormie Ramirez
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Guest Bedroom | Game Plan

Two weeks ago I shared the before pictures of our guest bedroom and now I will finally show the game plan for the room.

When I first started pinning pictures for a guest bedroom, I kept going with a Coral and Aqua color palette. While I love that palette, it never felt like me at least for our house but in other houses it looked amazing. I wanted to make it work but I just couldn't so I started from square one.

The first question in my mind was the direction I wanted the room to go. I knew I wanted it to feel luxurious as if you were staying at a fancy smancy hotel but how to get there I was uncertain.

Than I found it. The inspiration.


The little mermaid. 

I had the picture for years from a trip I made to Disneyland in California as a little girl. I knew immediately I would need to make sure the room wouldn't turn into a childish themey room but a room with sophistication.

Before even scouring Pinterest, I found the perfect curtains:

I was already satisfied with the direction we were going but I needed a little more inspiration so in came Pinterest.

I can't find the original link so let me know if you know it please!
The color combo

Bedroom styles |

love the colors! via
I can't find the original link.

Living Room
I can't find the original link.
See where I am going with this? Let's hope I can pull this off before summer  winter comes and go.

Where does your inspiration come from to makeover a room? Have you used Disney as your anchor piece for a room before?

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Stormie Ramirez
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