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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Real Everyday Style of a New Mom

I can't be the only new mom wondering how the heck other bloggers or Instagram mommas always look so put together? I mean I can barely manage to brush my teeth in the morning let alone get dressed! No joke, I stay in my pajamas until noon which is when my husband comes home for lunch so he can entertain Little Love while I throw on some clothes. Maybe if I woke up before Little Love's morning feeding I could probably manage a morning routine but lets get real waking about every 2-3 hours I'm too exhausted to try to wake up earlier than her at this point. Also, lets not forget to mention the extra fluff us everyday moms still have from the pregnancy and I don't have the budget to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Side Story: When I first tried to gain inspiration for my new style as a mom I typed in everyday looks for moms on Pinterest and a lot of the outfits are cute and simple but most of them are moms wearing jeans or dresses or skirts. For one, jeans are not comfortable for me to lay around in or get on the floor plus my jeans still don't fit right now. Number two, when you have a child you don't want to have to worry about sitting like a lady so that takes out the skirts and dresses all together PLUS being a nursing momma I have to have the right dress that allows easy access to the boob but again who has time to sit like a lady when you have a newborn in tow?

Back to the point, I decided to share what I have been wearing on the day to day this last month as a new momma. I recreated each outfit I remember wearing since I was to occupied taking photos of my babygirl everyday that I didn't manage to take snapshots of me wearing each outfit but be warned these outfits are not fashionable by any means. My everyday style right now is meant for comfort and easy access to nurse my daughter.

Side Note: I do try to dress nicer when we have somewhere to go but if we are home all day than comfort wins overall.

The first three outfits were on constant repeat the first week and half postpartum because they were the only nursing shirts I had (and yes those are the same shorts, don't judge). I did however decide to shop (see my review here) and bought a few more nursing friendly shirts.
Striped Nursing Shirt | Shorts (similar)
Maternity Shirt (similar| Shorts (similar)

Maternity Cross-Front Shirt (similar) | Shorts (similar)
The two nursing camis quickly became my favorite and those were on constant repeat and I would only wear the others when the nursing camis needed to be washed.
Nursing Camis | Nike Shorts (similar)
Nursing Camis | Nike Shorts (similar)
Nursing Tops | Shorts (similar)
Nursing Camis | Shorts (similar)
Nursing Tops | Nike Shorts (similar)
I finally came to the conclusion that you don't necessarily need nursing shirts or button up shirts to nurse, they make things easier but they aren't necessarily necessary so I started wearing my regular camis as well and I just pull down the strap when I nurse, after all I am home in my room so no need to be discreet.
Basic Camis (similar) | Nike Shorts (similar)
I hope you were able to grab inspiration and enjoyed seeing the real everyday look of a new momma.
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