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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A New Lifestyle | Week 5 + Reevaluation

To help me stay accountable, I decided to share my newly vowed healthy lifestyle by documenting it here on a weekly basis. I hope you decide to follow along so we can cheer each other on and be an inspiration for one another! You can also follow along on Instagram with #howstormiegothergrooveback

I have been reevaluating my fitness and even though I stay moderately active by constantly walking pretty much every day, I feel like I am not pushing my body to its potential. If I'm being completely honest, it's a little upsetting when I don't see progress in the way my clothing fits or even on the scale. I want to be able to fit into majority of my pre-baby clothes by October which gives me two months to step my game up. 

Here is the new schedule I created for myself:

S - walk & legs
M - rest day
T - walk & abs
W - interval run
Th - walk & arms
F - rest day
S - interval run

Again, this new schedule won't be followed to the T as life happens but if I have to skip a day, I'll make up for it on a rest day. 

The other part that is gonna be a little hard is with Anthony being on a special project at work he doesn't have much energy to get out there with me and working out really isn't fun alone. I know a lot of people don't agree with letting others be the reason you don't get a workout in but most of us have a hard time staying motivated without a partner and I'm not any different. 

A few years ago when I lost weight, it started off as a competition with some ladies at work, a few days later I come to find out they all thought I was the weakest link and clicked up talking trash (think high school) so it pushed me to push myself and prove I can and would do it. It started off to prove something to them but I fell in love with my progress that it became about me and finding my confidence again. I didn't reach my goal weight I initially set BUT I reached a place of happiness and confidence in myself and that's what it is all about: being healthy and comfortable in your own body. Because that number on the scale is very misleading. I am about 5 pounds from where I was last year (I was loving my body then) but my body doesn't look anything like last year. I do have a number in mind that I would like to see on the scale but overall I am looking for inches lost and fitting into my size 10 pants (comfortably) again and if that number doesn't show up but I reach those goals I will be completely satisfied.

How is your active lifestyle going? Do any of you breastfeeding mommas have tips on how to lose weight without dropping your milk supply, as I here that can be an issue?
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