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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Teaching Our Daugthers & Week 10 of A New Lifstyle

To help me stay accountable, I decided to share my newly vowed healthy lifestyle by documenting it here on a weekly basis. I hope you decide to follow along so we can cheer each other on and be an inspiration for one another! You can also follow along on Instagram with #howstormiegothergrooveback or on Snapchat (stormieariel). I also share the foods I am eating on both social media sites, for quicker reference on Instagram search #stormiearielkitchen

Sunday - Skipped
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Interval Run
Wednesday - Skipped
Thursday - Skipped
Friday - Short Walk
Saturday - Skipped

I decided to change this series up a bit as I know it can get boring for some to just read what I am doing to get in shape, like yay for you but how does that benefit me type of thing. At least that's how I feel reading certain fitness posts on other blogs and it makes me feel worse about myself for not having the same dedication and I don't want that for my readers. I want ya'll to see real life and be inspired and to inspire me as well. I want this entire blog to be a two way street where we can benefit and learn from each other. With that being said, I had a little inspirational moment that happened to me and decided for now on I will share those with you all when I share my fitness progress to hopefully inspire you as well.

There I was standing in my closet pondering what to wear and body shaming myself for not being able to fit into most of my pants and than I turn around and see my beautiful 5 month old daughter sitting in her walker staring at me in awe and it made me stop in my tracks. 

Is this really what I am teaching her? 
To shame her own body. 
To look at every single one of her flaws.
To throw fits because she is not "perfect."

I want my daughter to never feel ashamed to be in the body she is in. I want her to love and nurture her body and treat it as a temple. Yes, I cannot fit into 80% of my pants but my body did an amazing thing of growing that beautiful baby and I wouldn't change that for the hottest body. I had a major reality check in that moment and although I know I will still struggle in shaming myself, I will fight to love the body I am in as I am working for the body I want. After all it gave me the best gift, a child.

Ladies, lets vow to be an example to our children, to our daughters to love their bodies and find their confidence in Christ and not in vain things such as weight or body type but in Him who intricately created us in His Image. I know for myself, this is something I will struggle with but I am willing to fight for my daughter's sake. Are you?
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