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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

One Year Update | Little Love

I have written this post many times in my head and I guess it's time I finally put it into actual writing (typing?). I guess I just have been holding on and not wanting to do a yearly update because then I'd have to admit my baby is a one year old. To be exact she is now 14 months old and has grown so much in the two months since turning one. 

Her personality is coming out more and more. She is very demanding like mommy but has such a great sense of humor and silliness to her like daddy. She is the perfect blend of us two and we are so amazed that this little girl is actually ours!

Sophia has had 6 teeth for quite awhile now and it seems she is working on her 7th one.

She learned to walk around 13 and a half months and as some of you know mommy was in no rush for her to walk. I wanted to keep the last bit of her babyhood as long as I could. Now it is the cutest thing seeing her petite little self walk around.

Sophia also started bopping her head to music and just the other day she actually started to dance by bending her knees when music played. Oh how I can't wait to have full on dance parties with this girl!

She sleeps through most of the night and will wake up once to nurse for the most part. There are still nights especially when she is teething where she will wake up multiple times though. We also still bed share and all of us are still perfectly okay with that. We go back and forth about transitioning her but when the time comes to start, we all realize we just want to wait a little while longer.

Sophia eats a lot more table food and shows no signs of weaning from breastmilk which is perfectly fine with both of us. She will go back and forth between cow milk and breastmilk throughout the day. She also typically eats breakfast or a morning snack depending on the time we wake up. She'll share a lunch with either mommy or daddy and have her own serving for dinner. She definitely loves her fruits and carbs! Besides milk, she loves drinking water.

Her lovie
Milky (bottle or breast, she goes back and forth)
Sitting in her infant bath support as a toy

Being told no
Things being taken away

Sounds like she can say "Thank you"

What I Want to Remember
Her silliness early in the morning when first waking up
Her sneaky smile when she grabs for my phone
How she "hides" things under her leg
Her giggle
Her huge grin
Her sad face
When she lays her head on my shoulder
Asking to be picked up

Thank you Nick and LaPalomento Photography for always capturing this special moments in our lives!
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