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Friday, September 22, 2017

Car Seat Safety Tips

Last year, when I opened up and wrote about stuff no one told me when I was expecting my first child, the very first thing I mentioned was car seat safety. The best thing you can do for your baby/child is to read the car seat manual that the manufacturer provided with your particular car seat instead of depending on someone else to lend their advice. 

All car seat brands and types are different and have varying restrictions and installation processes so pay particular attention to these details of your car seat of choice:

Weight/Height Restrictions 

All car seats have a weight minimum and maximum as well as height restrictions. Typically this can be found on the packaging itself or under the description when purchasing online for quick access but it is also stated in the car seat manual so be sure your child fits the weight and height restrictions of the car seat of your choice for the best protection.

Properly Strapped 

I get it, we all get in a rush and for some reason the straps always seem to get twisted when we are running late but restraining our children with twisted straps can affect the straps from properly protecting your child in case of an accident. Also, make sure the chest clip is on the child's chest and not on his belly - the chest clip should be in line with the armpits. The reason this is so important is the chest clip acts as a restraint, obviously, so when you are impacted, the sternum bone is under the chest clip and that bone protects those organs underneath. However, if you have the clip below the chest on the belly then upon impact the chest clip pushes into the abdominal area and could damage or hurt vital organs. Again, be sure to reference your car seat's manual on how to properly install the straps and how to place the chest clip.


If you purchase your car seat new, which I highly recommend, make sure to register it with the manufacturer so you can be notified if there is ever a recall on your particular model. If you are purchasing your car seat second hand, check the expiration date of the car seat as well as if there has been any recalls and only purchase from someone you can trust without a doubt. Ask them if the car seat was ever in a vehicle that was in an accident, with or without a child in it, as it is recommended for most car seats that were in accidents to be replaced as to ensure that you are getting the highest level of safety and performance from your car seat via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). And if you are planning to use your car seat for multiple children, as we are using Sophia's old infant carrier for the new baby, check the expiration date of the car seat to be sure it is still within the car seat safety standards as well as checking on any recalls.

Rear Facing Recommendation 

Now this is where things may get controversial however it is now recommended for you to keep your child rear facing until after they turn two. I know some of the parents concern on waiting that long is your child being cramped or no longer fitting into their rear facing seat however if you are following the weight and height restrictions for your rear facing car seat then your child is perfectly safe. If your child is no longer within the limits of your rear facing car seat, you can purchase a convertible car seat which is a car seat that can be used for rear facing or forward facing. Again, make sure to read the manual as there could be different weight and height restrictions depending on how you are facing the convertible car seat. For more information on forward-facing and rear-facing, check out this post by the Car Seat Lady.

I know I sound like a broken record but the best way to know if you are using your car seat properly is by reading the car seat manual from cover to cover.

Our car seats of choice:
Convertible Car Seat | Maxi-Cosi Pri 70

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