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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Baby Girl Nursery | The Inspiration

As you may have guessed, with Little Love on the way our next home project will be converting the unfinished guest bedroom into a nursery. The last time you heard about this room, I shared my plans of the layout for the room as a guest room, however, the layout will be completely different as will the design, obviously. For a refresher, here is the floor plan I am working with.
Unless you follow me on Instagram, you may be unaware that we had a little flood issue and when I say little I mean huge. All the floors and most baseboards had to be replaced in our entire house, the only area that was not affected was the master suite, THANK GOD. Living through a renovation while pregnant and raising puppies (our female lab had 5 adorable puppies, you can watch videos of their cuteness on my YouTube channel, anyways,) is no fun to say the least.


We basically got to remodel our house and choose new floorings throughout the house, fresh paint on all the walls and baseboards (except the master suite). Shortly after our disaster, we also sold everything from the guest bedroom so Little Love's room is a blank slate for us.

The color we chose for the walls, is a very soft subtle pink.
BEHR My Sweetheart
On my computer screen, this color looks more on the beige/tan side but I promise it's pink. At least in our house and lighting, its pink. When we first found out about Little Love, I did NOT want to do the typical pink for a girl or blue for a boy type of thing. I wanted the room to be colorful to help stimulate the baby's interest and eyesight. The very first image I fell across, I fell in love and knew this would be the inspiration for our baby's room no matter the gender.

What I Wore
I loved how the neutral grays and white played so beautifully with all the colors. However, the quilt stood out the most and I immediately began looking for the source which Jessica from What I Wore revealed she made the quilt herself in her Nursery Plans post. I am not any where near that talented so I began my search of finding someone to make one similar for us. At this point, I wanted the binding and backing of our quilt to be blue for a boy and pink for a girl so we waited until our Gender Reveal before I finally submitted a custom order to Melinda at Ink And Thread Quilts. Which our quilt has the pink binding and backing since Little Love is a little girl (ehh I still can't believe, in approx. 3 months I will be momma to a little girl). And that's also when I chose pink for the walls. Once we found out, I couldn't help having the image of having soft pink walls in the nursery.

As of now, we are still waiting on the arrival of our quilt so the room is still bare with the crib mattress on the floor. I hope to have at least the crib area set up before our babyshower at the end of January and depending on what we receive from our registry have the entire nursery finished before March as Little Love is due at the end of March. If time allows, I will share more details of our plans for the nursery before then.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Guest Bedroom: The Befores

The time has come to finally complete a guest bedroom. At our old house, our guest bedroom served as a storage for boxes I did not want to deal with going through. You know what I am talking about right?

Well, luckily our guest bedroom at the new house was occupied for the first few months and now that it is free again we want to complete it before it becomes a dumping ground  (which honestly it already has a little).

So let's get to the befores because whats a makeover without showing the starting point but first let me start off apologizing about the lighting of the photos. I just got my Nikon Coolpix P530 for Christmas and I am still learning how to adjust the lens.

This is the view if you would be entering the room after coming out of the laundry room and you can already see the random stand in there.
Now you see, I also have my sister's TV stored in here as well as a random stand. Anywho, I am most excited about this view because I have curtains that are on the way and they should be here any day.

Looking towards the closet and the entry of the bedroom. I also have plans to re-model the closet as well but that will be a whole other project at a different time.

And that is a pile of pillows that need to be cleaned but I am ashamed to say that I have been too lazy to deal with them so I stuffed them in here and closed the door. Dumping ground much?

 One last look when you enter in the bedroom.
For a better understanding of the layout, I created this thingy mahjig. The random things will be removed and will not be apart of the gameplan. Speaking of gameplan, I have already been working on items for the direction of this room but I will save that for another post.

Do you have a dumping ground? What do you use your spare bedroom for? Does anyone else hate washing pillows?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Glamorous on a Budget

Do ya'll remember about a month ago, I shared my master bedroom and the game plan with you all. I know I initially told ya'll I wanted to find a new home for our current bed set first but we decided to move something up on the list.

We installed the chandelier!!!

EHHHH!!! (That is my happy squeal)

Let's rewind a bit. When we bought our house a year and a half ago, the bedroom looked like this:

Notice the light fixture.
I was determined to turn our bedroom into a romantic getaway so we painted the walls Red Delicious by Glidden but color matched it to the brand America's Finest.

I am not sure what feel the room was giving off but it wasn't really romantic therefore I came up with a game plan to create a rustic glam style with romantic thrown in. The first thing I found for my newly inspired plan was the chandelier. It was listed on Craigslist for twenty dollars so I had to snag it up. The poor thing has been sitting in our garage for months now so we decided to finally install it. At least, my husband and father-in-law installed it while I admired it's beauty.

This simple fixture update has transformed my room and I am in love. It feels so glamorous.

G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS (anybody else remember that song?)

Seriously, the room feels so elegant and I think the room is finally heading in the direction I want it to go. Lets get one more look of the before and after.


Do you have the notorious "boob" light in your bedroom? Would you put a chandelier in your master bedroom or do you prefer chandeliers in the dining area?

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Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Bath Wall Tile

When we first bought our house, I knew immediately I wanted to change out the tile in the restroom. However, we were planning to hold it off for as long as possible since it wasn't a necessity. Shortly, after moving in we noticed a certain spot on the carpet in our bedroom would get wet after the shower was used.

We initially thought there was something wrong with the plumbing but that wasn't the problem. The grout was so worn out from the bath wall tile that the water was leaking through the wall into our bedroom. Therefore, we needed to replace the wall tile.

We started off with this as a recap.

My brother-in-law and husband replaced the drywall with backer board and also added insulation on the window wall. They than both started adding the new tile which I am very pleased with. However, we never got finished with it and sadly it has been sitting that way for over a year. We did apply clear caulking which I think was a mistake and never touched up the paint.

Sorry about the quality and darkness of these pictures.
There are two tiles that I do want to replace on the shower wall whenever we get around to matching the floor tile. One sticks out and the other wasn't cut properly for the facet to fit on the correct way.

After replacing the floor tile, I would like to
  • Add white wainscoting half way up the wall
  • Replace baseboards
  • Paint the upper half a light blue color
  • Replace the current mirror with a larger one
  • Spray paint the light fixture
  • Replace faucet fixtures
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Remove cabinet above the toilet and use for our laundry nook
  • Install floating shelves above the toilet
  • Paint the cabinet with another white color and add hardware
  • Replace both doors
I am hoping to have the restroom completed before the end of the year. All the projects will be DIY except replacing the floor tile and baseboards. Once that is complete, I know everything else will be complete quickly.

How long have you left a DIY project unfinished? Do you plan on remodeling your restroom?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pinspiration: DIY Side Yard Lounge

Since we have bought our house, I love entertaining. We have family over quite often but being that our house is small, it gets crowded REALLY easily. Therefore, I have a dream; I want to create a hang out spot in our side yard with plenty of seating.
This is what I am working with
I am not sure how long that deck has been there and the trash? Sadly, that has been spread out over the back yard for over six months. I took the first step with this project, cleaning up the backyard last weekend. Hopefully this weekend we will complete the next step: ripping up the deck.

I have some pictures on Pinterest that are serving as my inspiration. Here is a peek:

This is the very first picture I found when searching for inspiration. I love how cozy it looks with the lights and the mix matching chairs but still looks uniformed. I think I also saw a similar yard with a dart board on the wall which I would love to add to our side yard as well. I also love how the stone is in the ground and I look forward to creating that with our side yard instead of a deck. The only thing I want different is a larger table. Something like this:


I love how informal the table is and how much room it has. Our "dining" space in the house is tiny. We have a four seated round breakfast table. If we had a large farmhouse table like the one pictured above, I could host many more dinners with family and friends.

We are hoping to have this project completed before the end of summer. I was originally aiming for end of Spring but with how long I take making progress it wouldn't be realistic. I hope you stick around for updates!

Do you like entertaining? Do you ever wish you could just snap your fingers and your project will be completed within seconds?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Master Bedroom

We started progress in our master bedroom shortly after moving in. My inspiration came from the Katy Magazine. I was flipping through it before we moved into the house and found this picture.

In our apartments, I always went with the calming blue and cream colors to resonate peace and relaxation. I was in love with the dark color and how these rooms just spoke romance. I wanted that for our master bedroom.

I first chose our paint color and decided on Red Delicious by Glidden but I got it color matched with a cheaper brand, America's Finest.

Although I enjoy the color that came out, I wouldn't use the same brand again for two reasons. The color is more of an orange red than the red red I was looking for and when I clean off the walls, the paint comes off as well.

Overall I was satisfied with how the room turned out. I enjoyed the dark colors all combined.

However I am completely redoing the entire room. I want the room to have a rustic glam with romance all thrown in one.

Here is my list of changes:
• paint the trim
• touch up the walls with fresh paint (same color)
• add crown molding 
• replace the lighting with a chandelier (which I already found from Craigslist)
• add a door to our custom closet (the closet is another post all together)
• custom headboard
• new bedding
• make pillow cases for decor pillows
• new dresser and night stands
• possibly add a built in book shelf to our window seating area.
Chandelier, Above Bed Decor, Duvet, Wood Sign (source?), Headboard and Pillow

I don't know when I will ever get to these changes. It may take me a few months (or longer) to get it all completed. My first goal is finding a new home for our bedroom set. I will keep y'all posted with the progresses I make along the way.

How do you decide on the design for a room? Do you choose paint color or fabric first? How often have you changed your mind about a design?

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