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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday: [Insert Clever Title here]

I decide everyday this year I want to choose something I was most thankful for that day. I'm hoping by focusing on something I am thankful for each day, I will become more grateful and appreciative towards all the blessings I receive from The Lord and His provision in my life.

In July, my husband was transferred into a different department to train for a promotion. The company said they could not give him the position right away because it would not be fair to the other employees who may be qualified for the position as well. The solution would be to train him for the position and once they put up the posting for the position, he would be the most qualified and was guaranteed the position. (I found it very sketchy this entire time of how they were going about giving my husband a promotion). Yesterday, we got news my husband did not get that position after all. Another person who was already in the department got the title of supervisor. However, my husband would have to continue doing the duties of that position but be classified as a normal employee. I was furious with how his bosses were going about this entire ordeal. I knew it was strange to begin with but never did I imagine they would pull this. My frustration with his job continued until I was speaking with one of the parents from my job. (I work at the local YMCA as an after-school counselor watching children).

In early January on a Friday, her job told her she was getting a promotion. That following Monday, she was laid off. She explained to me her devastation and how she was scared, being a single mother of two boys and having no family to turn to for help. "Who was [she] to ask to help pay [her] mortgage?" she said.
However, her fears were washed away within a week. She was blessed with a new job, who gave her a two week advance check on top of receiving unemployment for that week she was out of work. Hearing her story of what she went through and not sulking but giving thanks to God for the new job, made me examine my reaction to my husband's situation.

I should be thankful my husband still has a job! Yes, he did not get the promotion he has been working for but he is able to provide for me all the same, thanks be to God and God alone.

Here is my thankful list for the week:

1. Education
2. Our home
3. Babcia
4. A great workout
5. Bible study with my husband
6. Jocelyn's hugs
7. Our jobs

What are you thankful for this week? How has God used people in your life to show you your blessings?
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