Friday, July 3, 2015

No-Sew Scarf to Vest Tutorial

Before the spring season, I purchased multiple scarfs but now that spring is over and summer is in full swing I wanted to try to incorporate the scarfs I bought into the summer season.

Let's be honest, I live in Texas so wearing something around my neck is like being naked in Alaska. No Bueno.

I decided to look to Pinterest of course and ran across couple of tutorials showing how to turn a scarf into a vest but a lot of them required sewing. The whole purpose I want is to be able to wear my scarfs across all seasons so sewing them into a vest isn't ideal. 

So here is the best version of the no-sew scarf to vest conversion:

Stretch scarf out lengthwise

Fold hamburger style (who remembers that from elementary)

Tie the corners you are holding into a small knot, you could get fancy here if you want but I went the simple and easy route

Open scarf

And now you are able to wear your scarf as a vest during summer without overheating.

Now tell me you are not excited to do this to all your scarves? I know I am now that I can get more bang out of my buck.
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