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Thursday, December 15, 2016

9 Things I Have Learned as a Mom

Technically, Sophia has been out of my belly for almost 41 weeks and she was only in my tummy for 37 weeks but no need to be technical. Let's just say I was pregnant for about 9 months and Sophia is now 9 months old. She has been out in the world for almost as long as she was cooking in my belly, when she was being knitted together.

36 Weeks and 7 Days, the day before she was born.

To celebrate this, I wanted to share comparison photos of what Sophia looked like 9 months in the womb and 9 months out the womb, as well as share 9 things I have learned since becoming a mom.

Side Note: Check out my Pregnancy tag for all my bump dates and pregnancy advice.

1. Patience
Now if you really know me, you know I am not a very patient person but I have a lot more patience than I thought I had.

2. I am not patient.
So now your probably thinking "Stormie, you are contradicting yourself, you just said you have patience and now your saying you don't?" Let me explain, I learned that I do have patience but for whatever reason I don't use that patience I have and I get frustrated really easy. Since I know I have patience, I need to work on actually keeping patience, make sense?

3. Time goes by quickly.
Think back when you were a kid and how you couldn't wait to grow up. I just wanna be 16 already, I wanna be 18, it's taking forever to be 21. I wish time will go faster so I can be closer to graduation, etc. Guys, I hate to break it to you but time goes by way too quickly. Slow down and enjoy your time now because before you know it your pregnant, have a baby  and than she is having a baby of her own.

4. I am content having only one kid.
I know I hear ya'll gasping for those who really know me as I have always said I wanted a huge family and wanted at least 8 kids. I still would LOVE to have all 8 of those kids and more, if it's in the Lord's plan but I am so happy and content being momma to Sophia. My heart is so full and I am so thankful the Lord even allowed me the honor of carrying her and nurturing her and teaching her.

5. How to use the restroom with a baby on your lap.
If your a fellow momma, you may understand this one. There is no such thing as going to the restroom alone anymore and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

6. Breastfeeding
Some of you may be like, whats so hard you just throw the kid on your boob and to an extent yes but also no. Depending on your baby and your nipple shape, a latch can be done incorrectly and be uncomfortable and even hurt, which it shouldn't hurt. Plus there is a lot more to it that moms have concerns with pumping, alcohol. medication, milk supply. I mean there is so much to it if you don't have a support system, moms end up giving up due to lack of education in breastfeeding. 
(Maybe I should do a separate post touching on a few of these things? Let me know in the comments.)

7. My body is AMAZING
I don't mean this in a look at how hot I am and overly obnoxious type of way but like holy moly, the body of a woman can go through so much and still look untouched IF you take care and nurture your body. Now I am not saying I am in the best shape, I could cut out sodas and chocolate and exercise more but if we do not overly damage our bodies with excess food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. Our bodies can almost look like it did before pregnancy and for those mommas that have had c-sections, like how much more amazing are you? You took care of a newborn, who need 24 hour care while recovering from a major surgery!

8. There is a God. 
Now this might sound weird coming from me saying "there is a God" but for real guys there is. I look at my daughter and I think back to that home pregnancy test, to the first ultrasound, the first movement in my womb, the day she was born and everyday since. Just by looking at her, there is not a doubt in my heart that there is a God. How else can you explain how something as small as sperm and an egg can create such a wonderful intricate being. How else did those two things turn into the very heartbeat I hear inside her chest? There is a God. I am so thankful He is in control and sovereign overall.

9. I love being a mom
I guess this one is kind of cheating because I have always loved the idea of being a mom. I lost my mom to a brain tumor when I was a little girl and grew up without my biological mom, I had a great mom who raised me but it's not quite the same as your biological mom. As in you just wonder what life would have been like if she was alive, you know? Anyways, being a mom and being able to have a bond with my children in the way I wish I could have had with my biological mom was my dream. And now, I get to be a biological mom to my kid and have that bond I dreamed of as I kid just in a different role. I have also dreamed of adoption as I loved the bond I had with the mom that raised me and I want to be able to take someone in and show them love and that they are wanted.

Father God,
Thank you for creation. For creating us from dust and allowing us to fill your earth and multiple. Thank you for allowing me the great honor and opportunity to grow Sophia not only in my womb for 9 months but for the past 9 months of nurturing her outside the womb. I also pray for those who are struggling to become pregnant, have miscarried or have lost their child. I pray that they know who you are and how sovereign you are and that they find strength and comfort in you, Father. I pray that orphan children will feel the love and comfort of a mother and father but most importantly the love only you can give to all of us. Amen.

I would love to hear from you other mommas (and daddies) of things you have learned as a mom (or dad) so be sure to comment below!
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  1. Aw I love this. Being a parent is hard but it's rewarding as well!

  2. What a sweet post and tribute to motherhood! Congratulations on making it to the nine month milestone, mama! As a mom of three, I can remember having so many of these emotions with my first, and I agree, it goes faster than we can comprehend! Sounds like you're doing a beautiful job! <3

  3. you look great :) and sophia is adorable!

  4. Yes yes YES to all of these! :) Our bodies are AMAZING! and I particularly laughed on number one and two. Because, YES. I've learned patience. But I've also learned I am NOT patient :P :P

  5. Aww I can completely relate! And laughing at the using the restroom with a baby on your lap... I remember the first time I had to do this while nursing... let's just say, I was pretty proud of myself! LOL


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