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Monday, August 21, 2017

Bump Date | 30 Weeks with Baby No. Two

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives while noticing the differences and similarities with our first pregnancy. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

It is so hard to still believe we are at the end of this pregnancy but at the same time I feel like there is still so much longer to go, haha. I definitely wouldn't rush it though, I know baby boy needs his time to finish developing and praying that he makes his arrival on his own time, God willing. 

We did have our 30 week check-up and everything is still normal and heading in the right direction. I am feeling lots of tightening and minor cramping but my doctor said that is normal especially since baby boy is running out of room. You can feel his limbs or some part of his body, I am not sure what part, poking out as he moves around. Also, I mentioned having contraction like feelings when I go to the restroom but they do go away after I am finished and she said that was also normal as long as they stop. 

The last two nights, sleep has been pretty good although I still wake 3-4 times throughout the night to use the restroom but I am able to fall right back to sleep again so that is nice. I also had a lot more energy this week than previous weeks. I was still in a lot of discomfort but I felt more present instead of feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion and discomfort. I don't know if it's because of my pep talk from last week that helped put into perspective of this amazing gift we have been given or what but I enjoyed being able to play and laugh with Sophia. It still gets overwhelming and I need a lot of breaks in between but this past week I have really been focusing on enjoying the one on one time we do have left together because it's going to be harder to have that time once baby boy arrives. I do have a mommy and me date planned for just us two in November after brother's arrival and I am really excited thinking about it and planning it. I hope to make it a tradition in our home to set aside one on one dates with each of our children.

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