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Friday, September 8, 2017

Baby Proofing Products

Since we have been discussing breastfeeding and newborn essentials the last few posts and September is Baby Safety Month, I figured I would share my favorite baby proofing products that we use in our home as they are also an essential for keeping your baby and children safe.

Baby Gate 

I think most people think baby gates are only a need if you live in a two story home but I believe it is even needed in a one story home. At least in our one story home, we have found the need for it. We began using it shortly after Sophia learned to crawl and continued to use it until she learned what was off limits. I also prefer the pressure mounted ones instead of the ones you screw into the wall just for wall damage reasons and I don't want to give myself more work then I need whenever we are no longer in need for baby gates.

Cabinet/Drawer Latches

Our cabinets and drawers don't have knobs on them so we use these latch ones. We only have them in our master restroom as we don't house anything in the secondary restroom and everything in the kitchen is relatively safe although we are planning to add them in there just because I'm OCD and have my Tupperware organized in a specific way and Sophia's curiosity and playfulness tends to make a mess of that cabinet, haha.

Door Knob Covers

So everyone makes fun of me for having these on a few of the doors already since Sophia cannot open doors, yet. Key word yet. I would rather be the proactive parent and prevent her from ever opening the restroom door and finding her upside down in the toilet. Dramatic, maybe. But seriously it's better to be prepared before their curiosity hurts them in some way. We also have a door knob cover on the laundry room door since that room is the most unorganized and has a lot of crap on the floor.

Visual Baby Monitor

I personally know a few people who think an audio monitor is enough but when babies are quiet it means one of two things: they are asleep (yay) or they are getting into something (uh oh). So how do you know which is which especially as they get older? I love the security of the visual monitor especially during nap time and bedtime so I can see that Sophia is actually laying down either sleeping or playing quietly instead of trying out some gymnastics ninja warrior move to escape the crib.

Outlet Covers

I think outlet covers are pretty self explanatory. Babies and toddlers are exploring this new world and don't understand that there is an electrical current in those weird little holes that are the perfect size to stick a finger into.

Faucet Cover

This isn't necessarily needed right away but once your baby starts playing around in the tub and not paying attention to their surroundings, they could bunk their head and get hurt pretty badly. This specific one we love because there is a nifty little tab where you insert bubbles so it evenly disperses the bubbles into their bath water.

What are your baby proofing must-haves?

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