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Monday, September 11, 2017

Bump Date | 33 Weeks with Baby No. Two

I decided to document our pregnancy as a way to get all my feelings and emotions out and to later look and remember this beautiful time in our lives while noticing the differences and similarities with our first pregnancy. I hope you enjoy if you decide to follow along on this life changing journey.

Well, I didn't get nearly as much accomplished this week as I planned. I still need to register for the hospital and pack our hospital bag although I do have my packing checklist ready. We were able to score an awesome deal on a second hand rocking chair so I can have one in my room for once the baby arrives as I did not want to take Sophia's out of her room. It's not the prettiest or even my first choice but when you are on an extremely tight budget like we currently are, you make do with what you can and hopefully we can upgrade later on. So I spent the last few days deep cleaning the cushions and wiping down the actual chair.

On a pregnancy related note, sleep has been very scarce this week. I have a hard time falling asleep as I cannot get comfortable at all and end up tossing and turning so much that baby boy pushes against my bladder that I then get up a million and one times to use the restroom. Very much the same thing that happened around this exact timing with my pregnancy with Sophia. When it is bad enough, I end up getting out of bed and work on blog stuff late until early morning when my eyes are so heavy that I can no longer concentrate. That seems to be the only thing that works to get me to sleep otherwise I would stay up tossing and turning and never falling asleep.

Baby boys movements are still fairly active, not as much as he use to be but still enough that I feel him move throughout the day. If for whatever reason, I can't remember the last time I felt him move I will give him a few nudges to wake him up just to be certain. He definitely loves the left size just as Sophia did as he loves to curl right into my rib and then stretch out to the point of feeling pressure in all directions. I tell Anthony I really think he is trying to break out already but little guy still has a lot more growing and development to get done.

Although it has been a challenging week, I know it will all be worth once baby boy is safely in my arms and I know I will long for the days of this growing bump feeling all the kicks and movements.

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