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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Letter to My Firstborn

I always knew if we were fortunate enough to have more children, I wanted to write an open letter to my daughter before she took on her new role as a big sister. This letter has been a lot harder to write than I initially thought; not because I do not know what to say but because there is so much to say and I know this letter will pull out all the emotions. However, that is my purpose of this letter - the purpose of this blog and the monthly updates - is for my daughter (and other children) to have a small glimpse into my mind of how much they are loved and cherished and that they will always have a piece of me once the Lord calls me home.

Dear Sophia,

As I sit here to write this letter, I look at your picture and see your beautiful smile. Oh how that smile gives me such great joy. How you give me such great joy. The Lord is so so good and I am so thankful that He would even allow me the opportunity to be your mother. What a great charge it is to be on this journey of motherhood with you as my daughter. You teach me more about myself and about the Lord every day, every second. Your curious yet cautious nature is amazing to watch and that is what makes you a great leader. It is what is going to make you a great big sister.

You certainty are a natural born leader. Mommy knows how difficult it can be to ring in that leadership ability (mommy has that trait too, haha) but mommy and daddy will do our best to cultivate your ability unto the glory of God so that it doesn't lead you into trouble or misusing that ability on your baby brother.

Your attention to detail and sense of awareness is absolutely amazing for your age. You catch on to things so much more quickly then we even realize so I know adjusting into this new role as a big sister may be a little tough at first but you will fit into your role quickly and will enjoy loving on your new baby brother.

Most of all princess, I know you will be the best big sister because you love playing with others especially other kids. Seeing the joy and excitement on your face when your favorite people are around playing with you gives us such great joy that we knew the best gift we could give you, with the Lord's will, was a sibling. It will be an adjustment going from just us three to a family of four but I cannot wait to see the bond you will have with your brother.

ps. Mommy promises to always make a special date for just you and I so I can enjoy one on one time with my favorite girl.

I love you princess.


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