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Friday, October 6, 2017

Infant Wardrobe | What You Really Need

After having one baby make it to toddlerhood and only using clothes she was gifted instead of splurging for more clothes, we found the magic number to make a capsule wardrobe work especially since babies are constantly growing the first year. These numbers are suggested for each sizing stage but ultimately it will vary per a child as some babies grow faster during certain stages then others. Also note that clothing before 6 months is typically in better condition since babies are not eating solids yet so those sizes typically stay nicer looking longer which allows you to rotate through them more often.

14 bodysuits/tops

My personal ratio would be around 10 bodysuits and 4 tops but really any combination of the two would work depending on your personal preference. Having 14 suits/tops allows you to be able to maybe make it to two weeks without washing clothes just depending on how much your little babe spits up or how many blow outs he or she may have but this amount will, at the very least, allow you to wash once a week instead of having to wash multiple times in one week.

2 rompers 

Rompers can be a great step up outfit than the typical bodysuit which is why I recommend having two in your baby's basic wardrobe. If you have a girl you could easily do 2 dresses instead of 2 rompers or 1 dress and 1 romper. Again, it is about your personal preference and style.

2-3 sleepers

For some reason, I see people recommend having like 7-10 sleepers but we did not find that many necessary at all, even with all the blowouts Sophia would have. We were able to make it fine with each sizing only having 2-3 and still only having to wash once a week. Also, I dressed Sophia everyday after waking up whereas I know some people do leave their baby in the sleeper all day so that could be the difference in why others suggest having so many. Therefore my suggestion would be to start off with 2-3 sleepers and see how your lifestyle goes from there with a new baby and add more to your collection as you see the need. 

3-4 pants/shorts

Having a few shorts or pants or even leggings and skirts will help complete the bodysuits and tops and making full outfits for when you are out of the house and you don't need a ton since you can just mix and match them.

1 sweater (season/location specific)

This item will depend on where you live geographically and what season it is. We live in South Texas and it does not get cool until maybe November so only 1 sweater is needed but really even then we could just get a long sleeve bodysuit or shirt and it would work just fine.

1 jacket (season/location specific)

Again, it just depends where you live and what season it is. We don't experience cold weather until January but even then there is no guarantee you will need an actual jacket because a sweater could work just fine. If you live in more colder regions, you may want more than 1 jacket that have difference thickness or even a full snowsuit. So just be mindful of where you live and what the weather is like and adjust your needs accordingly.

1-2 hats

Depending on the season, will determine what type of hat you may need for your baby. Is it summer? Then go with a sun hat to protect their head from being sunburned. Is it winter? Go with a beanie that covers their ears to keep their heads and ears warm. Are they a newborn? Most newborn sleepers come with cute matching newborn hats, just don't let them sleep with the hat as it could become a suffocation hazard if it slips off their head while sleeping.

1 pair of crib shoes

As you will notice, I don't have socks on the list because if you have crib shoes then socks aren't really needed. I recommend getting a neutral pair that can match with everything in the baby's wardrobe. We personally love Freshly Picked moccasins and it helps get baby use to having something on their feet so when they get older, you don't have to fight with them about having shoes on. Funny story is we actually have to fight with Sophia to take her shoes off because she wants to wear them ALL THE TIME. Which is a good problem to have.

Most importantly, just keep in mind of the climate and location and your personal lifestyle and adjust the numbers as needed. And keep in mind this list is for a capsule wardrobe, if you want to add more dresses and rompers or suit and ties then go for it!

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