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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hospital Bag Checklist for a Family Four

The post was created in partnership with PinkBlush Maternity but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

I think it would be best if I admit upfront that I like to be prepared while others may say I am an over packer. Being prepared sounds better but whatever. I am also slightly high maintenance therefore I do not depend on certain accommodations that hospitals or even hotels provide like toiletries. I have sensitive skin and I like what I like so there's that. Now that I have disclosed that to you all, here is what we packed for our hospital stay as a family of four (yes, we will have Sophia stay with us in the hospital, more on that in another post UPDATE 10/30/2017 read here).

UPDATED 10/5/2017 My doula suggested also packing a sports bra or a swimming top for myself and swimming trunks for Anthony, in case we decide to utilize the shower during the labor process.


Last time, I brought a simple button down night gown but this time around I decided a nursing bra and a hospital robe would be the easiest and most efficient thing to wear after I have the baby since I will be constantly checked in all private areas during my stay plus having less on will make it easier to also nurse my new little babe. And you can't go wrong with how beautiful this hospital robe from PinkBlush is as it will still make me feel put together and decent looking for visitors after pushing a human being out my lady parts. I also plan to wear it around the house once we are home as well because let's be honest who really wants to get dressed those first few weeks especially when you are nursing around the clock.

Also, I will be wearing the same shoes into the hospital that I plan to wear home to keep some of my packing to a minimum. The reason I am also packing non-slip flip flops is to use those in the shower so my bare feet are not touching the floor where countless women's bodily fluids touched. I also really like the mesh undies the hospital provides therefore I will not be packing any and I plan to take some home with me (see what I took from the hospital last time and what I plan to take again here).

The fuzzy socks will be much more comfortable then the ones the hospital provide and the nursing pillow will, of course, make nursing more comfortable by helping me support the new little babe.


  • a change of clothes (shirt, shorts, socks, boxers)
  • pajamas
  • toiletries
  • flip flops
  • house shoes
  • swim trunks (UPDATED 10/5/2017)

Since Anthony will be going back and forth between the house to care for our dog and allow Sophia to have a normal nap, he doesn't need to pack as much since he will be able to take care of his business during that time back at home.


  • going home outfit
  • socks

As you may have noticed, I kept baby's packing list to a minimum this time around. The hospital has everything you need for the baby.


  • c/o DockATot Grand and traveling bag
  • pajamas
  • change of clothes (shoes, socks, etc)
  • diapers
  • lovey
  • blanket
  • bottle/cups
  • snacks
  • sound machine

Most of the items on Sophia's list are her bedtime items as she will be going home daily with daddy for nap time while he takes care of our dog so she can get a fresh pair of clothes as needed.


  • Cell Phones & Chargers
  • iPad
  • Busy bags
    • lacers 
    • books 
    • sponge blocks
    • drawing pad
    • stickers
    • doodle pad 
  • Camera and Tripod

We decided we would take our own Fresh 48 photos this time around as I didn't find the price worth the quality we received from Sophia's Fresh 48 that the hospital provided last time. We will have more formal family photos done in a few weeks by our friend and photographer Nick.

How did you pack differently for each delivery? Did you pack more or less each time?

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