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Showing posts with label Home. Show all posts

Monday, March 31, 2014

Glamorous on a Budget

Glamorous on a Budget

Do ya'll remember about a month ago, I shared my master bedroom and the game plan with you all. I know I initially told ya'll I wanted to find a new home for our current bed set first but we decided to move something up on the list.

We installed the chandelier!!!

EHHHH!!! (That is my happy squeal)

Let's rewind a bit. When we bought our house a year and a half ago, the bedroom looked like this:

Notice the light fixture.
I was determined to turn our bedroom into a romantic getaway so we painted the walls Red Delicious by Glidden but color matched it to the brand America's Finest.

I am not sure what feel the room was giving off but it wasn't really romantic therefore I came up with a game plan to create a rustic glam style with romantic thrown in. The first thing I found for my newly inspired plan was the chandelier. It was listed on Craigslist for twenty dollars so I had to snag it up. The poor thing has been sitting in our garage for months now so we decided to finally install it. At least, my husband and father-in-law installed it while I admired it's beauty.

This simple fixture update has transformed my room and I am in love. It feels so glamorous.

G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS (anybody else remember that song?)

Seriously, the room feels so elegant and I think the room is finally heading in the direction I want it to go. Lets get one more look of the before and after.


Do you have the notorious "boob" light in your bedroom? Would you put a chandelier in your master bedroom or do you prefer chandeliers in the dining area?

I am sharing this post at Remodelaholic.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fresh & Clean

Fresh & Clean

During a trip to the grocery store, I knew I had to stop by the flower department. The flowers I bought 3 weeks ago...

Yes, 3 WEEKS.

...those flowers were finally on their last end so I was in desperate need of fresh flowers to make my house feel fresh and clean.

And yes, flowers do that. If you don't understand why, that's okay. My husband doesn't either but it does.

Anywho, as I was searching for the next bunch that would fill my house for the next few weeks (hopefully), I saw them. 


I'm more of a rose, hydrangea or lily type of gal but I've been straying. I have seen pictures of tulips in other people's houses and they look gorgeous. I thought I would give it a try.

It looked nice buuutt I wasn't in love with it. However, I left it like that for two days in hope it would grow on me.

It didn't.

The tulips got all droopy and I don't know what that's about because I wasn't digging it. 

So, I took the leaves off and trimmed them shorter. I thought a mason jar works with everything.

It didn't.

Maybe, a vase with a thinner neck so they don't droop.

Btw, my house looks clean in this angle but if I'm honest, this is what the other side looks like

Yeeeaaah, a tornado of a coat closet renovation that went wrong is in our midst. Just keeping it real.

Back to the thin neck vase, I still wasn't filling it. 

As I was looking around my house at all the vases I had on hand, I saw her. The crystal vase my grandmother gave me. I would simply place the thin neck vase inside of the crystal vase and see what happens.

It was like magic.


I thought I would have to give up on the tulips all together but now I know. 

Also, I am finally completely in love with my entry way vignette. 

Do you use fresh flowers in your home? Do you have flower arrangement problems like me when trying to place them somewhere?

I'm sharing this post with Remodelacholic
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspiration Space: Lack Thereof

Inspiration Space: Lack Thereof

A lot of home bloggers have a designated area for all things crafty.

Some have offices. Some have nooks.

And others (like me)...

Have this

This isn't even all of it, I have plenty more in the garage in a desk drawer from my old office. I know, it's not ideal but it's what I have. 

Our second bedroom once served as an office with the crafty stuff thrown in a corner in there plus the desk. Now the second bedroom is being used by my sister and her two daughters for a few months. I plan to eventually turn the second bedroom into a guest bedroom with a craft nook.

As for now, my craft supplies will stay in this corner in our dining room.

What does your craft space look like? What would you do with this limited space? Do you have to have an organized area to inspire you or can you get inspired anywhere, like me?

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Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Bath Wall Tile

DIY Bath Wall Tile

When we first bought our house, I knew immediately I wanted to change out the tile in the restroom. However, we were planning to hold it off for as long as possible since it wasn't a necessity. Shortly, after moving in we noticed a certain spot on the carpet in our bedroom would get wet after the shower was used.

We initially thought there was something wrong with the plumbing but that wasn't the problem. The grout was so worn out from the bath wall tile that the water was leaking through the wall into our bedroom. Therefore, we needed to replace the wall tile.

We started off with this as a recap.

My brother-in-law and husband replaced the drywall with backer board and also added insulation on the window wall. They than both started adding the new tile which I am very pleased with. However, we never got finished with it and sadly it has been sitting that way for over a year. We did apply clear caulking which I think was a mistake and never touched up the paint.

Sorry about the quality and darkness of these pictures.
There are two tiles that I do want to replace on the shower wall whenever we get around to matching the floor tile. One sticks out and the other wasn't cut properly for the facet to fit on the correct way.

After replacing the floor tile, I would like to
  • Add white wainscoting half way up the wall
  • Replace baseboards
  • Paint the upper half a light blue color
  • Replace the current mirror with a larger one
  • Spray paint the light fixture
  • Replace faucet fixtures
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Remove cabinet above the toilet and use for our laundry nook
  • Install floating shelves above the toilet
  • Paint the cabinet with another white color and add hardware
  • Replace both doors
I am hoping to have the restroom completed before the end of the year. All the projects will be DIY except replacing the floor tile and baseboards. Once that is complete, I know everything else will be complete quickly.

How long have you left a DIY project unfinished? Do you plan on remodeling your restroom?

I am sharing this post with Remodelacholic.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

We started progress in our master bedroom shortly after moving in. My inspiration came from the Katy Magazine. I was flipping through it before we moved into the house and found this picture.

In our apartments, I always went with the calming blue and cream colors to resonate peace and relaxation. I was in love with the dark color and how these rooms just spoke romance. I wanted that for our master bedroom.

I first chose our paint color and decided on Red Delicious by Glidden but I got it color matched with a cheaper brand, America's Finest.

Although I enjoy the color that came out, I wouldn't use the same brand again for two reasons. The color is more of an orange red than the red red I was looking for and when I clean off the walls, the paint comes off as well.

Overall I was satisfied with how the room turned out. I enjoyed the dark colors all combined.

However I am completely redoing the entire room. I want the room to have a rustic glam with romance all thrown in one.

Here is my list of changes:
• paint the trim
• touch up the walls with fresh paint (same color)
• add crown molding 
• replace the lighting with a chandelier (which I already found from Craigslist)
• add a door to our custom closet (the closet is another post all together)
• custom headboard
• new bedding
• make pillow cases for decor pillows
• new dresser and night stands
• possibly add a built in book shelf to our window seating area.
Chandelier, Above Bed Decor, Duvet, Wood Sign (source?), Headboard and Pillow

I don't know when I will ever get to these changes. It may take me a few months (or longer) to get it all completed. My first goal is finding a new home for our bedroom set. I will keep y'all posted with the progresses I make along the way.

How do you decide on the design for a room? Do you choose paint color or fabric first? How often have you changed your mind about a design?

I am sharing this post with Craft-O-ManicThis Gal Cooks, Made in a Day, and A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

About a year and a half ago, we bought our first home. It wasn't new but it wasn't a fixer upper either. It was built in the 1980's and the previous owners did the very minimum in keeping up with it so it was move in ready when we bought it.

I was so excited about the new house that I forced my husband to throw our queen pillow top mattress on the roof of my car so we can start sleeping at the house. (We still had a month left in our apartment lease but I just couldn't wait any longer).

Almost immediately, we had my father-in-law and my husband's uncle assist my husband in painting the master bedroom and our living/dining area. It wasn't perfect but it made the place feel more homey. (Is that a word?)


After painting, we began moving our furniture into the house which included our bedroom set and a breakfast table. We bought a new sectional and added family pieces such as a coffee table, buffet table, end table, entry table, and a silver chest all handed down from my grandmother.

A year passed and I still felt something was missing. I hadn't hung much on the walls since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do exactly so I started to play around with ideas in my head and would often search Pinterest for inspiration. 

This is where my new passion began.

Over the past few months, I have been adding little things here and there to make our home feel more like us.

The rooms that get my attention the most is the living and dining area and occasionally our master bedroom.

The guest room has only seen paint and complete closet renovation but still needs work. The mini entry way only has a nice rug and my silver chest but it needs some loving. The side and back yard also needs attention and I want to give the laundry nook some TLC.

Here are a few pictures of what our house looked like before moving in.
These pictures are of our living room, 
dining room and the entry way before moving in. 
The beige walls were painted yellow.

The kitchen wall color is the same but I have dreams of painting it grey. 
I have only decorated above the cabinets. Maybe I will do a short post on it in the future. 
Archway leading to the bedrooms and restroom (the wall colors are now yellow here as well).
The shower wall now has new tile but I have so much more changes to make in here.

 Picture angle sucks but this is our master bedroom. 
We painted the walls a dark red, the ceiling and window seat remained white. 
We also created a custom closet in here (I don't have a before picture). 

 The guest bedroom is still a work in progress. 
We just painted the walls beige a few weeks ago and redid the entire closet 
but haven't made anymore progress.  

I will start posting more on these rooms individually while I make progress in them. Stay tuned!!

Where do you begin when it comes to decor? How do you pull a room together to give it a finished look? What are your favorite decor items?

I am sharing this post with A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.
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