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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A New Lifestyle | Week 6

To help me stay accountable, I decided to share my newly vowed healthy lifestyle by documenting it here on a weekly basis. I hope you decide to follow along so we can cheer each other on and be an inspiration for one another! You can also follow along on Instagram with #howstormiegothergrooveback

So again, I really haven't stuck to my new schedule but I'm super happy with what I accomplished this week. I gotta say I have felt great after by runs, now before each run is a totally different story! Haha. 

Sunday - Skipped
I was suppose to walk as Anthony played basketball but I decided to just chat with the ladies.

Monday - Interval Run
This was my first run since the ending of June, that run I was so disappointed that my body wasn't ready to go the distance I was wanting but this day's run went better than expected and I was so happy.. afterwards.

Tuesday - Skipped

Wednesday - Skipped
I knew I would miss this day's workout which is why I ran on Monday which was suppose to be a rest day.

Thursday - Interval Run
I dreaded the run before the run but felt amazing afterwards.

Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Short Walk

Each time we went to our usual spot, I would moan and groan before each run but I gave myself a pep talk everytime, reminding myself why I am doing this. So I grudgingly started my run and continue to pep talk myself throughout my run, the marker is right there just make it to that marker and its walk time. I make it there (with a few short stops to catch my breath) and I feel amazing.. Tired but amazing like I'm ready for round two now. I walk to the next marker and start the process over of preparing myself and than coaching myself through each run.

If your like me, you are probably wishing you were a runner and probably think I am but I wouldn't call myself that. I'm a normal person who hates to run but I know it can help my body get where I want it. Also, this pep talk of mine is only to get me to run 1/4 a mile that's .25, not a mile or even half a mile. It takes baby steps people! Something I was hard on myself about but now I'm ecstatic with my progress because 6 or so weeks ago I couldn't even run ONE 1/4 a mile and now I'm running TWO 1/4 a mile which equals up to half a mile in running! It's not a non stop run by its still running. 

So don't compare yourself to that person who has been running for months or even years because you'll get discourage like I have done to myself so many times. And if your like me don't even compare yourself to your old self. I have had to give myself some serious pep talks like girl you just had a baby ONLY 5 months ago and haven't ran in over a year (unless you count that pathetic run in June). It's gonna take some time not only because your out of shape but also because this body of yours went through some pretty amazing things to get this baby here and that in itself it an athletic event.

So don't be hard on yourself. Listen to your body and take it one step at a time. You'll get there. I may not be able to run a mile full through YET but at least I'm moving. 

What are you doing to stay healthy and active? What is your favorite type of cardio?
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