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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Five Month Update | Little Love

Lord have mercy on me! My baby is five months old which means she is almost 6 months old which is half a year so she is basically almost one years old! I want and need time to slow down because my baby is growing way too fast right before my eyes. I love seeing her take in this world around her with those sweet round eyes but I want her to remain my baby.

My best friend's daughter just turned 5 and it feels like she was just a baby yesterday so I am taking this month even more so harder because one day my baby will not be such a baby anymore so I am soaking up everything to another level which is gonna take me on a five second mommy rant so bear with me guys..

This is MY (Anthony included, we are one) baby girl so please let me enjoy all the firsts with my own baby. We will be the ones to decide when she will try food and what types of food  to try at the time we want so we can experience and witness as she explores this world around her using all of her senses. I know people mean well but let us experience that with our baby, you are stealing those moments that may seem like nothing to you but it is everything to us, from us and this is why I decided to be a stay at home mom so I wouldn't have to miss her firsts. We are happy that you are excited for Sophia to explore as well but please be more mindful of us as her parents. Mom rant over.

You are everything and more than we could have ever dreamed or hoped for in a daughter. At such an age, you show determination and do not give up easily for things you want; which is probably gonna be hard to deal with as you become older but I know it will be a great characteristic to have as an adult so I am embracing your determination. Not only do you have determination but you love taking this world in, you concentrate so hard to understand whats going on around you and to mimic what you see or hear. I pray that you continue to have interest and a love for learning and exploring. I love you my sweet babygirl.

Five Month Stats
Weight: ??? 
Height: ???
 Head Circumference: ???

Nap in Crib
Found her feet
Roll over from back to tummy
8 hour sleep (one night only - insert sad face)
Started sleeping on her tummy
Tasted a cherry
Tasted watermelon juice
Tasted pasta sauce
Tasted peach juice
Sucked on a cheeto and cheeto fingers

Sophie the Giraffe
Her jumper
Rolling over
nightly walks

waiting to eat
taking naps
dirty diapers

What I Want to Remember
her bright round eyes
her squinty smile
how she shys away
the way she studies our faces when we are teaching her a new sound
her laughter

Please excuse all the slobber everywhere, my babygirl is teething and trying to be on the move.
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