Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Teaching Our Daugthers & Week 10 of A New Lifstyle

To help me stay accountable, I decided to share my newly vowed healthy lifestyle by documenting it here on a weekly basis. I hope you decide to follow along so we can cheer each other on and be an inspiration for one another! You can also follow along on Instagram with #howstormiegothergrooveback or on Snapchat (stormieariel). I also share the foods I am eating on both social media sites, for quicker reference on Instagram search #stormiearielkitchen

Sunday - Skipped
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Interval Run
Wednesday - Skipped
Thursday - Skipped
Friday - Short Walk
Saturday - Skipped

I decided to change this series up a bit as I know it can get boring for some to just read what I am doing to get in shape, like yay for you but how does that benefit me type of thing. At least that's how I feel reading certain fitness posts on other blogs and it makes me feel worse about myself for not having the same dedication and I don't want that for my readers. I want ya'll to see real life and be inspired and to inspire me as well. I want this entire blog to be a two way street where we can benefit and learn from each other. With that being said, I had a little inspirational moment that happened to me and decided for now on I will share those with you all when I share my fitness progress to hopefully inspire you as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fabian's Back to School Mini Session

I am back with another photo session. After completing the mommy and me mini session, I started thinking about the potential in hosting other mini sessions. With school back in session in our area, I decided to do back to school mini sessions and I am loving them! I am also planning on Fall Mini Sessions and Halloween Mini Sessions so email me (stormie@stormieariel.com) if you are in the Katy, Texas area and are interested!

Anyways, here are my favorite shots from my most recent Back to School Session.

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