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Showing posts with label Breastfeeding. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Breastfeeding. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Sleep Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Sleep Nursing Bras

This post was created in partnership with Kindred Bravely but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Hey guys!! I was finally able to sneak in some time to share the next type of bra in my nursing bra series - to see my favorite everyday nursing bras check out this post

Today I wanted to share my favorite nursing sleep bra and this one isn't a bra per say. It is actually a nightgown with a light support built in bra that has clip down's which makes nursing extremely easy. There are a few reasons I am loving this nursing nightgown more so than an actual nursing sleep bra. 

The main reason is layers. I get hot really easily so previously I would only wear a nursing sleep bra to sleep and that was it and that can get cold but then if I were to wear a shirt or sleep dress over it I would have to lift up the shirt and pull down the bra and guys that is just too much when you are groggy in the middle of the night. So this Lucille Nursing Nightgown from Kindred Bravely is so lightweight and easy to work with. 

I also love that I was able to wear it during my pregnancy and it fit over my third trimester bump perfectly and now it helps hide my postpartum bump. It is completely flattering and definitely makes this mama feel feminine and sexy despite all the craziness that comes at the end of pregnancy and postpartum. 

Also, if we are being honest, you will often find me wearing this nightgown throughout the day as well because it is really that comfortable.

Do you have a favorite nursing sleep bra or nightgown?

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Mom Survival Bins | Breastfeeding Kit

New Mom Survival Bins | Breastfeeding Kit

Last year after having Sophia, I shared what I took from the hospital after my maternity stay but I also shared a few more tidbits at the end of that post and one of them was how I made care kits for around the house. One for pumping/breastfeeding, one for postpartum mom care, and another for extra feeding essentials for when Sophia started solids. I decided this time around I would go into more detail of what I actually put in each of those care kits and today I will focus on the breastfeeding/pumping kit I created to have near my nursing station.

Last time, I just used one of those small hospital tubs and I plan to use that again since it is free but I do have my eye on this diaper caddy from The Good Baby. It's made to be a portable diaper station but we personally use changing tables just because our floor is constantly a mess with our Labrador Retriever shedding constantly. Anyways, since I will be having a toddler running around I most likely won't be able to have a designated nursing area like I did when I nursed Sophia so my nursing station will most likely be more beneficial if it's portable and since The Good Baby caddy has handles it would make it easier to carry around the house from room to room while I'm trying to keep up with Sophia. But I just can't really justify buying it plus we do not have the money to spend on it if it isn't needed. I mean I rather spend $20 on going out to eat, haha. I will keep you updated if I decide it would be beneficial to buy it or not though but for now, I will go the free route.

So these are the items I like to keep nearby for when I am breastfeeding/pumping:
  • Breast Pump and parts (your insurance should provide this)
  • Breast pump bags
  • DIY Pumping Bra
  • Marker (to label the bags)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Nipple cream (I plan to use coconut oil this time around as needed)
  • Burp cloths (I use cloth diapers as burp cloths and for extra protection against leaky boobs) 
  • Breast pads
  • Milkies milk saver (this product is new to me but it is suppose to catch leaking milk from the opposite boob which I am excited about because no more wasted milk or having to pump while nursing)
  • Nursing pillow
It may be beneficial to set these stations up before you actually go into labor that way they are already ready for when you come home from the hospital however if you are going to be using the hospital bins like I plan to then you can't really set up until afterwards.

If you found this post helpful or know someone who would, please share it! I have made this pinnable image below to make it easier to share and pin!!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Everyday Nursing Bra

Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs | Everyday Nursing Bra

The post was created in partnership with Kindred Bravely but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

In August, I shared my favorite breastfeeding essentials products that make breastfeeding easier on mom. Again, you don't actually need anything to breastfeed successfully besides milk making tissue in your breasts but those items I put together just make it easier during your breastfeeding journey. One of the items I touched on was, of course, a nursing bra but at that time I hadn't found the right everyday nursing bra. 

Therefore, I called to action on Instagram (be sure to follow me for day to day @stormieariel) for other nursing mommas to give me their suggestions and their favorite everyday nursing bra which landed me to Kindred Bravely. I was so excited when they agreed to work with me so I could review their nursing bras for you guys.

I was able to try out three of their products: the Simply Sublime Nursing Brathe Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free T-shirt Bra and the Lucille Nursing Nightgown & Maternity Lingerie. For this post, I am going to focus on the t-shirt bra and the sublime bra. I will go into more detail about the nursing nightgown when I discuss sleep bras.

Yupp, that's right. I am making a series about nursing bras because I really do think they make the most difference for breastfeeding moms compared to any other nursing product and I wish I would have had the resources to point me in the right direction of brands and styles of nursing bras I needed so I didn't waste money experimenting.

Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

I would highly suggest buying this bra as a maternity bra once your regular bras are no longer comfortable to wear (typically happens in the third trimester but every women's body is different). The sublime bra is made out of stretchy material so it does not dig into your rib cage but in fact expands with it allowing comfort. The cup area also expands as your boobs fluctuate especially those first few months after birth when your milk production is evening out. This bra truly is perfect for everyday wear for when you are just lounging around the house and it has enough support that you can wear it out and about as well and still remain comfortable.

Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free T-shirt Bra

This bra is described as a buttery-soft racerback and buttery-soft is spot on. I was shocked at how luxurious this bra felt in my hand but even more so when I actually put it on and wore it. I also really love the plunging neckline allowing you to wear this bra with all types of tops while still being able to nurse your little one easily. The Marvella truly is perfect to wear out and about as it offers plenty of support but it is still comfortable enough to wear all day around the house as well.

So I must admit guys, it was hard figuring out how best to share these amazing bras with you without feeling overexposed and remaining modest especially sharing my bare belly. I mentioned in my 37 week pregnancy update that I was trying to embrace all these new stretch marks that this second pregnancy has brought on and while some days I still struggle with the sight of them, I am so glad I was brave enough to embrace this beautiful bump of mine and captured it on camera so I can always remember the miracle of life that is growing inside of me. What makes you brave?

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Dad's Role in Breastfeeding

Dad's Role in Breastfeeding

Often times dad's can feel left out in the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child or they feel useless but I put together a little list of ways dads can help during the breastfeeding journey.

Moral Support

The most important way a dad can help his wife in her breastfeeding journey with their children is to provide moral support. Breastfeeding can be challenging not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Be her cheerleader and thank her for continuing to sacrifice her body now that the baby is outside of the womb. If she is feeling discouraged about her milk supply, pick up a breastfeeding resource (I highly recommend The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) and see if you can troubleshoot why she is feeling that way and if that still doesn't reassure her, contact your local IBCLC (find one here).

Make sure mom has water near her

As your wife is breastfeeding, fluids and energy is being pulled out of her body and the best thing for a healthy milk supply is for mom to stay hydrated so make sure she always has water near her.

Bring mom a snack

It's also important for her to maintain her energy so a small snack would be helpful too whether it's a granola bar, a rice cake or a handful of grapes.

Change baby's diaper 

If the baby has a dirty diaper before or after the feeding, go ahead and take the initiative to change it so mom can get more down time.


Another extra way to help mom is to keep mom company while she breastfeeds, especially for those middle of the night feedings, if your work schedule allows it or you can make sure she has a good book or her phone/tablet nearby to keep her alert and entertained.

How have you helped your wife during her breastfeeding journey? Any other tips for how dad's can assist mom's who breastfeed?

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